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Yearly Archives: 2021

April 07, 2021

If You See Water Damage Near Home Wiring Call An Electrician

Everybody knows that water and electricity should never be mixed, but sometimes accidents happen. Depending on the location, electrical wires are susceptible to water damage. However, you may not notice the damage right away. Concealed electrical wires makes noticing irregularities more difficult. If you notice…

March 24, 2021

The Most Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems

Let’s be honest, kitchen plumbing isn’t glamorous but whether you’re a five-star chef or more of a heat-and-eat cook, your kitchen is the heart of your home. To keep the heart beating, the kitchen plumbing has to work as it’s meant to however there are…

March 17, 2021

Commercial Lighting Ideas Worth Considering For Your Business

Have you ever wandered into a store because the display window was so enticing? Or had a mediocre meal at a restaurant but you keep going back to the same place because of the atmosphere? In both these instances, if you examined the premises carefully,…

March 10, 2021

Ask Art: Why Is My Water Heater Leaking?

If your water heater is leaking, you can’t ignore the problem. It’s not something that will get better with time. In fact, it may get worse if left alone. Leaks like this can go from minor to significant very quickly by becoming more extensive, creating…

March 03, 2021

AC Repair: Fan & Coil Issues

In the hot, humid South Florida climate, air conditioning is more than just a nice accessory: it’s a survival tool. Air conditioning is what keeps the atmosphere in your home or workplace comfortable and livable. Therefore, air conditioning problems can cause your space to get…

February 24, 2021

Did You Know Art Installs Vehicle Charging Stations?

Florida has over 28,000 electric vehicles on the road, and that number is growing every day. Florida is the state with the second-highest accumulation of electric cars; we’re only outdone by California. The increasing need makes finding an unoccupied vehicle charging station difficult, so Art…

February 17, 2021

Bathroom Lighting Tips & Tricks

Of all the rooms in your home that need good lighting, the bathroom is one of the most critical. After all, it’s one of the first places you go after you wake up, or perhaps visit in the middle of the night. It’s where you…

February 10, 2021

Update Your Home With GFCI Outlet Installation

Safety should always come first when you’re maintaining your home, and sometimes safety comes from updating your home’s older features for newer ones. One of the first things on your home maintenance list should be GFCI outlet installation. Whether you don’t have any installed in…

February 03, 2021

The Dangers Of Installing Your Own HVAC Wiring

Florida is known for its hot and humid climate, and it’s the main reason that HVAC’s are installed in every home and commercial property.  If the electrical wiring is installed correctly, your HVAC system will sense the temperature in the room or building, and perform…

January 27, 2021

Home Lighting Tips & Tricks

Have you ever walked into a home and although the furniture was beautiful, the room felt dull and uninviting? Have you prepared a meal in your kitchen and been frustrated because you can’t see what you are doing even though the light is on? The…

January 20, 2021

Bio-Clean® For Drain Maintenance

With life being as chaotic as we all know it can be, the last thing you want to be dealing with is a clogged drain. When we struggle with a clogged drain, our first instinct is to buy the strongest drain cleaner that we can…

January 13, 2021

Keep Your Family Safe During A Power Outage With A Generator

Here in the Sunshine State we are all too familiar with losing power during hurricane season.  Losing power is not only a significant inconvenience, but can also pose safety concerns for you and your family. To ensure the safety of those you love and to…