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Yearly Archives: 2022

November 24, 2022

What Is A Plumbing Smoke Test?

Have you ever noticed a rancid sewer odor that you can’t locate? Plumbing defects can be hard to detect. Cracks and leaks can be tricky to find underground. This is where smoke testing becomes an effective leak detection method. What is a smoke test? Well,…

November 17, 2022

What Are The Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater?

Are you in two minds about upgrading your current water heating system to a tankless water heater? As a leading installer of water heaters in South Florida, we are often asked if this is a good option for homeowners. Why You Should Invest In A…

November 10, 2022

The Importance Of Attic Insulation

Your attic is the area between your roof and the main living area in your home. This space is frequently an area for storage, and attic insulation can become something that might not be thought of. Attic insulation is an important part of regulating the…

November 03, 2022

Commercial Electrical Services For Code Violation Corrections

Businesses rely on electricity, and any loss of electrical power directly relates to a loss of income. This, and the issue of safety, are two good reasons to adhere to a regular maintenance plan and electrical safety inspection. The Florida Building Code regulates all aspects…

October 28, 2022

Signs That I Need Drain Unblocking Services

Is your toilet overflowing or do you have a clogged drain line? If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency in your home, drain unblocking services can help. Emergency drain clearing experts from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can clear any drain at any time. Signs…

October 21, 2022

How Do I Find A Qualified Local Electrician?

Florida has the third highest number of electricians in the USA. This gives you a staggering number of companies and local businesses to choose from. When trying to find an electrician, it’s important to look for someone with the necessary qualifications and experience. Electrical work…

October 14, 2022

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

Living in South Florida, few things bring more frustration than the air conditioner not cooling, or worse: when it shuts down altogether. Summertime is brutal, and air conditioned homes are the best escape from the relentless humidity. If your air conditioner is not cooling properly,…

October 07, 2022

Common Types Of Plumbing Leaks

Whether you’re a business or homeowner, plumbing problems will happen. The timing is never great, and sometimes the damage can be substantial rather than just an inconvenience. Leaks are the most common issues our plumbers get called out to fix. Here’s our list of some…

September 30, 2022

What Job Responsibilities Does An Electrician Have?

When most people think of electricians, they usually think of the handyman who can fix anything electrical in your home. While this may be true to some extent, there is a lot more that goes into being an electrician than just fixing things. In fact,…

September 23, 2022

Multi-Family Properties Plumbing Services

Multi-family properties have plumbing needs that differ from single-home property plumbing, and they demand the expertise and care of a professional plumbing service. By working with a company like ours that specializes in multi-family plumbing, you can ensure that your property is getting professional service….

September 16, 2022

Why Should You Always Use A Certified Plumbing Technician?

Whether you have a plumbing emergency, or simply want routine plumbing maintenance done, don’t be tempted to hire your friend who “does a little plumbing on the side” You may think that not using a certified plumbing technician will save you money, but nothing is…

September 09, 2022

Trust Art’s Plumbing Technician Team

Finding the right plumbing company to help you with your plumbing repairs is not always easy. So, what makes a great one? Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric has all the answers.  With a world-class plumbing technician team and an all-inclusive, extensive range of plumbing…