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5 Reasons Floridians Should Invest In A Whole-Home Generator

Whole-Home Generator

Electricity has become so integrated into every part of our lives that it’s impossible to imagine a life without it. With the increasing amount of catastrophic weather events that we’ve experienced recently and the quickly aging grid, it doesn’t seem wise to be living without a backup whole-home generator. Having power ensures your safety and comfort; which is why we believe home generators are worth the investment.

Here are five reasons every resident of Florida should invest in a whole-home generator.

1. Inevitable Power Outages

America’s electrical grid is a museum of outdated technology that has been added on to for decades. Unsurprisingly, it was not designed to support the number of people it does now. The majority of the grid was built using technology from the 1950s and 60s, and while the process of upgrading the outdated sections has started, it will take years to be completed.

This outdated technology becomes more unreliable as it ages – meaning more power outages (and more inconvenience!) Combining this with how frequently Florida is hit by severe weather during hurricane season – whole-home generators are a vital addition to your home.

2. You Need Power For Everyday Life

Our dependence on electricity is no laughing matter. Similar to when you need an electrical repair in your home – short, hour-long power outages are inconvenient at best. Longer power outages, on the other hand, have a huge impact on how we function daily. Your wallet can quickly be emptied by replacing food, repairing damages, and finding alternative lodgings during a long outage. Sometimes the only option during these times is to move into a hotel to retain heating, security, and AC.

The problem here is that millions of other people will be doing the same thing – so space is limited, prices are inflated, and there is still the potential for phone lines and stoplights to be down. Having your own home generator allows you to avoid this chaos, and carry on with your life as normal.

3. Your Food Won’t Spoil

Whether you have a large family or live alone with a cat, spoiled food is wasteful and expensive. Having a whole-home generator ensures the safety of your food during blackouts because your refrigerator and freezer will continue running. Before major storms, people flock to the stores to stock up on food. Stores close when the storm hits, and it might be a few weeks before they are able to completely restock.

4. Business Losses Are Minimized

If you work from home and the power goes out, getting work done is near impossible. This has a huge impact on your ability to make money to keep your home running regularly. Combined with the fact that business can be lost to competitors who do have power… Having a whole-home generator is an invaluable part of insurance for your business. Standby generators will keep your workflow from grinding to a halt, whether you are a computer programmer, lawyer, or bake cupcakes for a living.

5. Standby Generators Have Become Super Affordable

Investing in a whole-home generator guarantees comfort and security when the surrounding neighborhood has become dark. Companies like Generac® Power Systems have recently made huge technological advances that allow larger buildings to be powered by smaller generators.

Art Plumbing, AC & Electric in Boca Raton is an authorized Generac® dealer and can design an affordable, automatic standby whole-home generator system for you, managing your home’s electrical loads during outages.