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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Mess With Your Water Heater

Water Heater

Perhaps your water heater has aged out, completely stopped working, or you have noticed a leak, and you fancy yourself a DIY specialist. As quick and convenient as a self-repair job can be, there are a few repair jobs that need trained and certified specialists. Water heaters have a combination of pressurized scalding hot water, dangerous gases, and electrical equipment running through them. If these aren’t enough to convince you to call a professional, we have five more reasons that might change your mind.


Water heaters are one of the most dangerous household appliances. Gallons of extremely hot water run through the tank, and trying to check on a leak or burst could cause dangerously hot water to burn you or damage your home.

The water flowing through the water heater tank relies on a temperature release valve (TPR). We strongly suggest that you avoid trying to modify this valve if you suspect a leak. If temperature or pressure in the tank is too high, or the valve is damaged, then the build-up of force inside the water heater could be holding an explosion waiting to happen. Our trained technicians will know exactly how to handle this situation in the safest manner that will prevent any damage from happening to your home.

Carbon monoxide is also a dangerous gas that water heaters can give off and needs to be dealt with appropriately by professionals. If your water heater runs on gas, a highly flammable substance, you will also need the professional to handle the tank so as to avoid any explosions in and around the home while they work on it.

Codes, Compliance, and Legal Issues

Calling in a professional to deal with any water heater installations or problems will ensure that everything is done legally with the correct procedures for safety. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric’s technicians know the safety compliance codes, and can obtain the required permits. They will know Florida’s building and fire codes, as well as follow regulations out to the letter.

This knowledge is extremely helpful to you as the homeowner. They will know how to calculate water usage needs against the size of your home, and will install a water heater model and organize the piping and electrical in the best way for your individual water needs.


Any DIY work you perform on your water heater will instantly forgo the warranty on your water heater. A void warranty will leave you defenseless against further problems, and can leave you paying a lot of money for a proper repair.

When our certified plumbers do an installation or water heater replacement, you will be given a warranty. This will protect you from the inevitable wear and tear after years of usage, and will leave you worry free for any water heater maintenance.

Electricity and Water Do Not Mix

A water heater uses high voltage systems to run exceptionally hot water through its system. Attempting to DIY any electrical problems can result in electrocution, sparking, burning wires, or malfunction. All of these mean that you could lose functionality of your water heater completely, or add serious risk to your health.

A trained electrician will have extensive knowledge on all of the piping, venting, and electrical wiring that a water heater has. As they work they can address any new wiring or soldering that they may need to do, as they have all of the special equipment handy. Our professionals will also know how to follow safety regulations so that when dealing with electricity and highly pressurized water, you will know you are in safe hands.

High Pressure System

As we have mentioned multiple times already, a water heater is a system of highly pressurized liquids, gases, and high voltage electronics. Attempting to meddle with any combination of these can result in a house-damaging explosion.

Additionally, purchasing a water heater with incorrect specifications may result in a tank that cannot handle the strain your household may place on it. Water heaters have very specific drainage and supply needs which prevents pressure from building up. High pressure strains valves and stresses the system, making it age faster and causing problems sooner.

We must emphasize how important it is to trust a qualified professional to do any maintenance or repair on your water heater system. We have the best equipment, and will only use the most reliable safety measures before performing any work on your home. Trust Art Plumbing, AC & Electric to keep you safe and keep the hot water running optimally at all times. Call us in Boca Raton on 561-391-1048 for a quote. Don’t leave it to chance.