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AC Repair: Fan & Coil Issues

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In the hot, humid South Florida climate, air conditioning is more than just a nice accessory: it’s a survival tool. Air conditioning is what keeps the atmosphere in your home or workplace comfortable and livable. Therefore, air conditioning problems can cause your space to get hot, sticky, and unbearable very quickly. Fortunately, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric are the AC repair experts you need to stay cool year-round.

A Tale Of Two Fans

Air conditioners have two fans, located inside and outside. The inside fan is what blows cold air into your office or home, while the outside fan releases heat by blowing over condenser coils. Damage to either fan can cause your AC to malfunction.

Common Issues Affecting Your AC Unit

While damage to the inside or outside fan can happen, there are a few other problems that are known to happen when you use your air conditioner frequently:

Capacitor Issues

The capacitor is responsible for powering your AC’s fans. When this function stops working, the system’s fans may not spin so well, or stop spinning altogether. It’s recommended to have a professional AC repair company replace this part.

Contactor Issues

The contactor is the electric switch that controls the condensing and compressing of your AC’s fan motor. It’s not uncommon for this part to lose functionality over time, especially if you’ve had your AC unit for a long time.

Motor Burnout

The fan motor will experience the most wear and tear and may eventually burn out under frequent use. It’s more likely to experience burnout when you don’t properly maintain your air conditioner. You may require a system replacement depending on how old it is.

Broken Belt

An older AC unit uses a belt-powered fan, which can break or loosen up with time. Your fans will stop spinning properly when this happens. Fortunately, it’s repairable, but it’s also a sign that your unit may need replacing soon.

Power Shut-Off

If your air conditioner is malfunctioning, the issue could be power-related rather than an assembly issue. Conversely, if parts of the unit overheat, your circuit breaker can turn the unit off to prevent a fire. If this happens, try flipping your circuit breakers switch and see if this turns your unit back on. If this continues to happen, you may want to consult an electrician.

Damaged Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is necessary for transferring heat out of your home. It’s coiled piping that carries liquid refrigerant, converting to a low-pressure gas and extracting heat from the air. Your evaporator coil may be damaged if

  • You notice warm air coming out of your vents;
  • The AC unit starts and stops randomly without cooling your home;
  • The unit doesn’t turn on at all;
  • There is a refrigerant leak;
  • You hear strange noises from your unit (hissing or banging).

If you experience any of these issues, consult a professional to take a look at your system.

AC Repair You Can Trust

At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, we understand that functional air conditioning is a requirement for living in South Florida. With warm temperatures year-round, but especially during the summer months, a broken AC unit can make the difference between a good day and an absolutely unbearable day.

We not only install and fix air conditioning units, but also work with plumbing, electricity, and indoor air quality. On the occasional cooler day, we also offer quality heating services as well. We service Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties, and have been a trusted resource for residents since 1983. For questions or to get a quote, contact us today at 561-391-1048.