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The Evolution of the AC Unit

revolution of AC unit

If there’s one thing we should be thankful for in South Florida, it’s the evolution of the air conditioner. Today, the majority of people are fortunate enough to have air conditioning units in their homes and office spaces. We are also fortunate to have the latest in technology when it comes to air conditioners and replacing our AC units – It has changed the way we live and even play.

To understand the technological advances of the AC unit, we need to take a look at the evolution of air conditioning. The following is a brief outline detailing a few important events in the creation of this phenomenal device.

  • 1758: Benjamin Franklin and Professor John Hadley discover that all liquid evaporation has a cooling effect.
  • 1851: In Florida, Dr. John Gorrie builds a machine that makes ice. However, due to a lack of funding he gives up on his dream to provide a cooling system for buildings world-wide.
  • 1881: The 20th American president, James Garfield, is shot by an assassin. Naval engineers create a cooling unit to keep him comfortable until his eventual death.
  • 1902: Willis Carrier invents a machine which controlled room temperature and humidity. He establishes the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America.
  • 1906: Stuart Cramer coins the term “Air Conditioning” when applying it to the application of his ventilating device.
  • 1950s: Air Conditioning becomes the norm for many households.
  • 1970s: Central Conditioning is invented but makes use of Freon-12.
  • 1990: Freon-12 is linked to ozone depletion and banned; more environmentally friendly coolants are created.
  • 1992: Efficiency standards are set to save energy.
  • 2006: New efficiency standards are set to negate the effects of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • 2015: Next generation of AC Technology is supported by the energy department.

When we look back at the large, bulky, and extremely costly units that were prominent in the early 90’s, we realize how lucky we are to have the AC units of today. At one point in time, people believed that conditioning was impossible, and yet today the vast majority have some form of central cooling system in their homes.

With every technological update comes something new. And regardless of the industry, we realize how lucky we are to experience it all. What’s more important is to note the fact that as the years have gone by, government has become more environmentally conscious and efforts are made to negate negative and harmful effects of CFC’s on the environment. To avoid costly repairs you should ensure that you regularly maintain your unit. You should also know the time to let your old unit go and get a new one. A newer model will be more energy efficient and may even have a few extra features that your current unit does not have.

Contact us at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric as our qualified and experienced Technicians and Comfort Consultants can assess your AC needs and replace your old AC with a newer, more energy efficient and effective unit. We are also able to provide you with maintenance and full service plans to ensure your air conditioner stays in tip-top shape.