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AC Services You Should Regularly Perform

ac services

Air conditioners in South Florida have to work hard. Regular AC services help your air conditioner to run efficiently and prevent unnecessary repairs and downtime. While you should leave most AC to qualified technicians, there are some checks you can do in-between official services.

Air Conditioner Filters

Checking, cleaning, and replacing air filters are some of the AC maintenance jobs that need to happen regularly. A dirty, clogged filter prevents airflow and cuts down on the AC’s efficiency drastically.

Not only that, but with the usual airflow path blocked, air carries dirt straight into the evaporator coil, lowering its capacity to absorb heat.

Filters are found along the length of the return duct. Filters can also be fitted in ceilings, walls, or in the AC itself. You’ll probably need to clean or replace your filters every month or two. If your home tends to gather dust, or if you have pets, your AC filter will need attention more regularly.

The bottom line? If you’d like to lower your AC’s energy consumption by 5% – 15%, clean or replace the air filters.

Cleaning The Coils

Both the evaporator coil and the condenser coil tend to attract dirt. A clean filter will help reduce the amount of dirt that the evaporator coil gathers, but it will still get dirty. Clogged up dirt will reduce the airflow, stopping its ability to absorb heat. We recommend you clean your evaporator coil once a year at least.

Condenser coils on the outside AC unit gather dirt quickly, especially if the unit is surrounded by foliage or in a dusty area. Condenser coils are easy to see, as well as any dirt on the fins.

To help your condenser unit function well, aim to keep debris and dirt away from it. Leaves, mowed lawn and dryer vents are all sources of debris and dirt. For adequate airflow, cut back any foliage and allow for two feet of space around the unit.

Combing Your Coil Fins

Fins are found on evaporator and condenser coils. As they’re made from aluminum, they bend easily. Bent fins will block airflow through the coil. To straighten these out, you need a tool called a ‘fin comb’ from an air conditioning wholesaler. Combing your coil fins will usually get fins back into their original condition.

Clean Condensate Drains

To clear any clogs from the drain channels, use a stiff wire. An AC unit with clogged drain channels will prevent the unit from reducing humidity. This creates excess moisture. Cleaning out the condensate drains will save you from excess water discoloring your carpet or your walls.

Time For A Professional AC Service

Doing what you can to look after your AC will go a long way to keep it running smoothly. During your AC’s annual checkup, these are some of the things your AC technician will see and check on. One of the great things about getting a professional technician is their ability to troubleshoot and sort out the most common AC problems before they become expensive issues.

  • Once they’ve checked and tuned everything, your AC will run at top efficiency again. During the service a technician will:
  • Check and top up refrigerant levels.
  • Use a leak detector to check for leaking refrigerant.
  • Capture refrigerant that has to be flushed from the AC. Refrigerant that is released into the atmosphere depletes the ozone layer and causes skin irritation in humans.
  • Check AC ducts for leaks and seal any that are found.
  • Test and measure the level of evaporator coil airflow.
  • Check the heating and cooling system control sequence to make sure they aren’t able to operate at the same time.
  • Oil motors where needed.
  • Check belts for correct tension, as well as wear and tear.
  • Test the thermostat for accuracy.
  • Inspect all electrical terminals. Clean connections and tighten them. Non-conductive coating can be applied if needed.

For AC Services That Will Keep You Cool

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