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The 20-point AC Tune-Up

AC tune up

Get Tuned in to Avoid AC Repairs

The majority of us currently have air conditioning systems busy working away in our homes and offices. We rely so heavily on them yet at the same time, we often neglect things such as AC repair and maintenance. By doing so you are letting potential problems fester – – if not addressed, these problems may significantly effect both your health and safety, as well as your wallet.

Perhaps your AC has been making a rather odd noise for the past week but, for whatever reason, you have not quite got around to calling someone to have a look at it. Or you notice that your electricity bills have suddenly increased and you are not sure why. Issues such as these could be caused by a faulty AC. Neglecting your air conditioner might mean you end up with bigger problems (and bills) further down the line. Ignoring your AC is certainly not a good idea – regular maintenance should be a priority to keep your AC unit running smoothly.

Early Spring is the best time of year to have someone carry out a thorough maintenance check on your AC. It might have been neglected during the cooler months and you will want to make sure that it is in perfect working condition by the time we get into those sweltering summer days.

Calling in a licensed technician to do a 20-point AC tune-up will keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently. AC tune-ups are also able to reduce and prevent repairs which obviously makes your life a whole lot easier!

So, what does a 20-point AC tune-up involve?

Various tests, check-ups and maintenance will be performed on your AC during a complete 20-point tune-up. These include some things that you have probably never heard of, let alone thought to get looked at and fixed. Here are just some of the items and checks that will be included in the tune-up:

  • Chemically Treat Indoor Coil (must be accessible)
  • Flush Drain Line (must be accessible)
  • Test Safety Controls
  • Check Refrigerant Level
  • Add up to 1 lb. of 410a Refrigerant
  • Check Voltage Readings
  • Inspect All Visible Wiring
  • Inspect Indoor Blower Assembly
  • Inspect Visible Duct Work
  • Check Circuit Breakers
  • Check Heat
  • Check Temperatures
  • Visual Inspection of All Electrical Components
  • Tighten All Electrical Connections
  • Check Contactor
  • Check Capacitors

Avoid any unexpected (and major) problems with your AC by getting regular tune-ups. These checks will also ensure that your system is running as properly and efficiently as possible. This means that your air conditioner will last longer and your stress (and perspiration) levels, operating expenses and bills will all be greatly lowered.

An AC tune-up is important and should not be ignored. Tune in for peace of mind – Contact a licensed technician in your area to find out even more of what is included in a 20-point tune-up.