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Affordable Solutions to Water Treatment Problems

water treatment

At Art Plumbing and Air Conditioning we have a range of affordable, quality products to ensure that you and your family enjoy the purest, safest, and tastiest water in South Florida. If you are not entirely happy with the quality of the water that comes out of your taps, don’t waste time or money going to buy gallons of bottled water all the time. We have the solution to every water treatment problem that you may have:

Unpleasant Taste
If your water has a slightly chemical or metal taste it could be because of extra iron, high amounts of sulfur, or manganese from the pipes that carry the water to your home and faucets. Iron and manganese in your water often results in what is known as “black water”. It can stain your hardware (such as sinks, baths, faucets, and shower heads) as well as react with detergents to stain your clothes in your washing machine. We have a specialized chemical-free water treatment system that will eliminate these harsh additives from your water.

Sulfurous Smelling Water
If you have a constant odor of rotten eggs or sewerage hanging around your plumbing but do not have a plumbing leak or sewerage issue, then it is probably coming from the water in your faucets. Sulfurous water doesn’t pose a risk to your health, however it has a few pesky effects that will make your life unnecessarily difficult. Sulfurous water corrodes metals such as iron, copper, brass, and steel (the materials that most plumbing pipes, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and machinery parts (such as in your washing machine, dishwasher, and garbage disposal). It can also stain or blacken your silverware and discolor brass and copper utensils. It makes cleaning clothes just that much more difficult as it reduces the efficacy of your detergents. The good thing is that you don’t have to put up with this smelly nuisance – the Sulfur Shield water treatment system is our chemical free, low maintenance, sulfur-free guarantee.

Hard Water and Scale Buildup
Hard water is when there is a high mineral content in your water. This normally happens as water percolates through limestone, chalk, or dolomite deposits that contain calcium and magnesium. Hard water, much like sulfur water, is not detrimental to your health. But it does have some significant downfalls. Hard water is what causes that horrible looking, hard-to-get-rid-of, and destructive scale buildup. Scale is literally the physical buildup of all those minerals that make the water hard – and it can be harmful to your appliances! If you have scale buildup in your water heater, kettle, and in your pipes – preventing them from working properly and also blocking your pipes. But this is not the only problem that you face if you have hard water. The most obvious sign of hard water is if you struggle to produce a medium or good lather with soap, and instead it becomes waxy and forms solid soap scum. This is means that your soap and detergents won’t be working as well as they should be. We have many different solutions to this particular issue. Many of the products we install will automatically remove the majority of the extra minerals in your water, but we also have specialized water softening systems that restore your water to a much more neutral quality.

If you would like any more information about how Art Plumbing and Air Conditioning can help you with your specific water problem, give us a call right away!