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Are Standby Generators Worth It?

standby generators

A standby (whole home) generator can come at a cost and you may be wondering if the up-front expenditure is worth it.

Owning a portable generator during the South Florida hurricane season definitely gives you an advantage. Here’s a look at why going the extra mile and getting a whole home generator is worth considering.​​​​​​​​​

No More Interruptions

Standby generators do just what they say. They’re on standby in case there is a power outage. They offer convenience and backup when you need it. When there is a power outage, you’re limited with what you can do around the home. Suddenly your appliances don’t work, the HVAC stops cooling, and your water heater will stop heating.

This is where the practicality of a standby generator comes in. In the event of a power outage, your whole home generator will start up in a matter of seconds. In no time, power to your most needed appliances, and your HVAC will be restored.

If you were halfway through cooking dinner for the family, you can complete the meal. No need to sweat on a hot South Florida day, because the HVAC will continue to work. It’s only once you experience the convenience of a whole home generator, that you realize their worth.

Stay Connected To The World

With more of us working from home, having access to electricity is essential – without a phone, our world is quickly limited. Our phones, computers, and tablets all need power to stay charged up.

A whole home generator means that you’ll be able to charge up your mobile devices and maintain an active internet connection. You will stay connected throughout a power outage.

Remember that you’ll need to get the right-sized generator for your needs. Whether you want to power up your whole home or certain parts of it, you’ll have the convenience and comfort of having your power back.

Weather Proof

On September 10th, 2017, Hurricane Irma struck Florida, causing power outages for some 6 -7 million customers. It affected almost two-thirds of all paying customers in the State of Florida. Some homes had to wait for 2 weeks before their power was restored. A standby (whole home) generator protects you in these situations.

Living with no power for a week or more can take its toll – no hot water to shower and wash with. You can prevent the risk of a power outage by buying a reputable standby generator.

The Generac range of generators comes with impressive water-resistant specifications. At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric we install the Generac range of generators. They’re kitted out with a Rhinocoat™ powder-coated finish which strengthens their corrosion-resistant aluminum casing.

Keep Your Home Alive

We rely on electricity for just about everything in our home. This includes our family’s well-being and happiness. When the power goes out, it’s not hard to notice the family’s mood deteriorate fast! A Generac standby generator will ensure that your family remains happy and satisfied if you experience a power outage. Remember that you’ll need to maintain your generator to keep it looking after you and the family.

Standby (Whole Home) Generators In Broward County

Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can help keep your lights on. We are a proud Generac authorized dealer with Select Dealer status. Our experienced team can help advise, supply, install and maintain your standby generator. Contact the Art team at 1-561-391-1048 to get your whole home generator installed.