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Brighten Your Office Space with Commercial Lighting

It is a well-known fact that bad lighting can contribute to a decrease in productivity in the work place by affecting the moods of employees. Choosing the correct type of commercial lighting can be overwhelming to any business owner seeking to brighten their office space. There are costs to consider, as well as energy efficiency […]

HVAC Service for Your Vacation Home

Year-round tropical climate and paradise style living makes Florida an attractive State to live in, but anyone with a home in South Florida will know how dependent we are on an effective working HVAC systems to keep us cool. Your air conditioner is running all year round, and even harder in summer, and for this […]

Avoid Plumbing Problems With a Maintenance Checklist

Plumbing problems are not something we strive to have or wish to experience. They create a headache in our lives and can cost us a great deal of money. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for these problems and to have a checklist which can help us avoid these plumbing mishaps. Plumbing problems are […]

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that air quality is something outside of their homes. However, indoor air quality is just as important, if not more important than outdoor air quality. Some homes and offices may contain air more polluted than the air outside. Pollutants can be carried into your home on furniture, […]

Telltale Signs Your AC is Due for Replacement

Top Six Signs You Need to Replace Your AC Today Anyone living in Boca Raton knows just how important it is to have an efficient AC system in their home. The hot temperatures coupled with the high humidity can send anyone running indoors to seek refuge under a cool AC. But what happens when your […]

Water Heater Capacity Needs

Water Heaters: A Guide to Sizing The size of your water heater will affect both your utility bill and the comfort you experience in the shower or bath. If your water heater is too small, you will always be running out of hot water. If your water heater is too large, your utility bill will […]

Getting to the Root of Your Drain Problem

Using the Various Rooters for your Drain Cleaning Needs There are many ways that a drain could become blocked, and as many ways to clean out the drain. A common issue in many households is when the roots of trees take up residence in the piping systems that have been laid. These roots find their […]

The 20-point AC Tune-Up

Get Tuned in to Avoid AC Repairs The majority of us currently have air conditioning systems busy working away in our homes and offices. We rely so heavily on them yet at the same time, we often neglect things such as AC repair and maintenance. By doing so you are letting potential problems fester – […]

SEER or EER – Does it Matter When Replacing Your AC?

Ensure Your AC Replacement is Energy Efficient As the New Year begins, you might be considering installing a new AC unit – after all, there’s nothing like being surrounded by cool air to give you that ‘fresh start’ feeling! An AC replacement also provides the perfect opportunity for you to ensure that your next AC […]

Wonderful World of Lawn Sprinkler Wet Sensors

Lower Your Lawn Sprinkler’s Water Waste with Wet Sensors If you live in Florida, you know that your lawn won’t survive the winter months or the summer unless it’s properly irrigated. Automatic lawn sprinklers have become essential for garden maintenance – they’re convenient, save you time and money, and ensure that your lawn is evenly […]

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