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Avoid Plumbing Problems With a Maintenance Checklist

plumbing problems

Plumbing problems are not something we strive to have or wish to experience. They create a headache in our lives and can cost us a great deal of money. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for these problems and to have a checklist which can help us avoid these plumbing mishaps. Plumbing problems are not something that can be left unattended – if left, they intensify and can create more problems for you and ultimately, could affect the structure of your home.

It is advisable to keep a routine maintenance checklist in your home in order to avoid experiencing plumbing frequent problems.

Maintenance Checklist

  1. Perform a leak-check

    • First place to start is by examining your fixtures and appliances
    • Work through the steps for leak detection.
    • Call a professional to fix any leaking faucets or showers.
  1. Locate the shut-off valves

    • Know where the shut-off valves on each fixture are and how to turn them
  1. Detect corrosion

    • Check for signs of corrosion e.g. flakes of rust in cabinets under bathroom and kitchen sinks
    • Corrosion should be treated to avoid future problems and leaks from occurring. You should contact a plumber for assistance.
  1. Examine your drains

    • Look and listen to all the drains in your home – the sinks, showers, bathtubs.
    • If there are any unfamiliar noises or smells there could be a potential clog or drainage.
    • For minor clogs, you can manually unclog the drain using a drain cleaning agent or vinegar and baking soda. If this does not work or the issue returns then professional attention is required as this could be a sign of a major problem.
  1. Toilet Checks

    • Ensure the toilet is secure by gently trying to move it – if there is movement, call a plumber to check the mounting bolts and secure them.
    • Remove the toilet lid and examine for any damage in the tank. Flappers and other rubbery parts have a habit of rapidly deteriorating in highly-chlorinated water, and with the use of cleaning additives.
  1. Examine the washing machine’s water supply lines

    • Check the water supply hoses for cracks or brittleness and ensure the connections are secure, and that the surrounding walls and floor are dry.
  1. Check your water pressure

    • Ensure that the water pressure is at a safe level – you can test water pressure with a pressure gauge and it only takes a few minutes of your time. If the pressure is too high contact a professional to install or repair/replace the pressure regulator to bring the water pressure down to a safe level.

This checklist coupled with the professional services and help of experienced plumbing technicians should have you well covered against most foreseeable plumbing problems. It is important to remember that although prevention is key in covering your bases, unexpected and unforeseeable plumbing emergencies do happen. No one can guarantee complete protection from issues occurring, but with Art Plumbing, AC and Electric just a phone call away, rest assured that “We Can Fix It” in the most efficient and effective way possible.