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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional AC Repair Technician

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Due to the hot and humid climate, residents of South Florida rely heavily on air conditioners to maintain their homes at comfortable temperatures and reduce humidity levels. When the AC malfunctions or breaks down, it’s natural that people want it repaired as soon as possible.

An air conditioner is a complex appliance that should only be installed, maintained, and repaired by professional AC repair technicians. Even in an emergency, there are many good reasons to only hire professionals and easy ways to spot and avoid amateurs.

Why You Should Always Hire Professional AC Repair Technicians

Your AC system is a complex system that is dependent on electricity, there are many reasons why only a licensed and professional AC Company should install, maintain, or repair it. Some of these reasons include:

License And Insurance

Professional AC repair technicians are always licensed and insured. The license ensures that they are certified to work in the State of Florida, and their insurance will cover the cost of work-related accidents or property damage.

Familiarity With Florida Building Code

When you hire a licensed AC company, the technicians have up-to-date information on the latest rules and regulations in the Florida Building Code. By using a professional, you can be assured that your AC installation will adhere to legal requirements.


Professional contractors have the necessary knowledge and experience to work with the electricity and gases needed to run an air conditioner. They also have all the safety equipment and clothing required to perform their tasks safely.


​​​​Experienced AC technicians have vast experience working on various types of AC units. They can troubleshoot and diagnose issues easily, and they work quicker than amateurs who are unfamiliar with the various AC units. They will also have the necessary experience to advise on proper AC maintenance schedules.

Cost Saving

A licensed AC company will always be worth the “extra” cost. You may think that using an amateur, with a cheaper cost estimate, is worth it, but you need to take the following into account:

  • Most air-conditioner warranties are only valid if the unit is installed by a licensed technician.
  • Professionals save you time and money by doing the job right the first time. Having to call an amateur technician back due to small errors ends up costing a lot more than if it had been done right the first time.
  • Licensed technicians have their own tools, amateurs often do not own the necessary tools and often expect you to supply/purchase them.
  • You are only eligible for Federal Tax rebates or incentives if the unit is installed by a licensed AC repair technician.
  • AC repair technicians give accurate cost estimates and do not have “hidden” costs.
  • You will not be scammed.
  • Professional contractors are up to date with the latest trends in air conditioners and are often able to advise you on the most cost-effective unit for your needs.

Questions To Ask When Choosing An AC Repair Technician

There are numerous people who claim to be AC technicians, but not all of them are capable or even qualified to do the job. When choosing a technician for your AC repair or maintenance, always consider these five points:

1) Are They Licensed And Insured?

Installing, maintaining, and repairing AC units is a complex job that requires technical skill and experience. Never trust a technician who is not licensed and insured to perform the task.

2) What Experience Do They Have?

Whether it’s well-established or a new business, always confirm that the technician has the necessary experience to work on your unit. Ensure that all junior technicians will be adequately supervised by a senior technician if they are allocated to your unit.

3) What Do Their Reviews Say?

Even if the technician is referred to you by a friend, always read their reviews before making any decisions. Check out their website, and/or other social media outlets and read for yourself how their general reputation and workmanship are viewed by others.

4) Are They Prepared To Give You An Estimate?

Reputable AC technicians will be willing to give you a cost estimate of the total cost, and approximate time, in writing. Be very wary of technicians who will only commit to a verbal cost estimate. Don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest quote, especially if they come in a lot cheaper than others.

5) Do They Address Your Questions And Concerns?

A professional contractor will understand that their clients may have many questions and concerns about their specific unit. Never hire a contractor who dismisses your concerns or refuses to answer any questions you may have.

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