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Bio-Clean® For Drain Maintenance

drain maintenance

With life being as chaotic as we all know it can be, the last thing you want to be dealing with is a clogged drain. When we struggle with a clogged drain, our first instinct is to buy the strongest drain cleaner that we can find. What we don’t realize is that the most effective drain cleaner doesn’t have to include harsh chemicals. Bio-clean® offers a safe, environmentally friendly solution to any clogged drain by mimicking a naturally occurring enzyme process. Regular drain maintenance to ensure your drains remain clean is an effective way to prevent clogged drains.

What is Bio-clean®?

In nature, all plant and animal matter are made up of large molecules. These molecules are a food source for naturally occurring bacteria but are initially too large to eat. The bacteria then break these molecules down into smaller ‘bite-size’ pieces of matter that they can ‘swallow’.

In the same way that these bacteria break down and recycle matter in order to survive, Bio-clean® breaks down organic waste in your plumbing system. Luckily for us, the bacteria found in Bio-clean® live off of the grease, hair, soap film and organic waste found in our drains.

How It Works

Drain cleaning is very important. Imagine for a second that you never cleaned your bathtub. The ring around it would just get thicker and thicker until you couldn’t use it anymore! The same thing happens to your drain every time it is used and ignoring it can lead to even bigger problems.

When mixed with warm water, Bio-clean® immediately starts to work and only gets better! This may have something to do with the fact it contains billions of bacteria that, when they are eating, double in number every 30 minutes.

Unlike chemicals, Bio-clean® is not restricted by gravity and spreads through your entire system, not only running along the bottom of the pipe.

Using it on a monthly basis will ensure a clear and hassle-free drain.

Why Bio-Clean® Is The Right Choice

There are various reasons why Bio-Clean® is the right choice for drain maintenance:

Mimics A Natural Process

As mentioned above, it mimics a naturally occurring process. Home to specific bacteria that feed off of grease, hair, soap film, and organic waste, Bio-clean® clears the common culprits behind a clogged drain.

Eat Away Waste

Remaining dormant in the jar, until in contact with water, the billions of bacteria eat its weight of waste every minute. While making their way through your clogged drain, they continue to eat, grow, and multiply through cell division. The organic waste found in your plumbing system is their natural source of food, digesting it as they make their way through the pipes.

Environmentally Friendly

Over a couple of hours, Bio-clean® converts organic waste found in your drains into water, carbon dioxide, and mineral ash. These all drain harmlessly out of your system, becoming a great food source for plants. Bio-clean® is free of any harmful or poisonous chemicals that could be dangerous for both you and the environment.

Fast Acting

Bio-Clean® can be used in all drain and sewer pipes in both residential and commercial buildings. Once you have applied it to the drain, give the bacteria 6-8 hours. This allows enough time for them to be properly embedded in the waste and easily washed out. Regular drain maintenance means that the waste won’t be given a chance to build up, leaving you with a clear and hassle-free plumbing system.

How Art Can Help With Drain Maintenance and Cleaning

All these elements are not only safe but actually good for plant life. Bio-Clean® is safe for people, your plumbing, and the environment – providing exceptional drain cleaning results. If you like the thought of using a harmless yet effective drain cleaner, speak to our team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric. We’re here for all your plumbing system questions and needs.