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Whole-Home Generator

The Benefits Of A Whole-Home Generator

Electricity is a necessity in our everyday lives, using it in many of our daily tasks. It’s often taken for granted when it’s around but goodness, don’t we miss it when it goes out! Lucky for us, generators have left us no longer dreading the days of power outages, keeping our homes cool and our […]

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water heater repair

When To Consider Repairing Your Water Heater

In general, homeowners prefer to repair anything that could be wrong in the home before opting for total replacement; this is especially true for complex and expensive appliances like water heaters.  Water heaters are easily forgotten about because they remain out of sight and typically work as they should. The only time we pay attention […]

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Looking For An Electrician In Boca Raton?

There are many things that can go wrong when you get stuck with an electrical problem. Live wires can electrocute you; your electrical system can trip due to overloading, and sketchy wires can cause fires. That is why electrical issues are one of the most difficult and dangerous repairs and all problems should be dealt […]

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drain cleaning

Ask Art: What Do You Recommend For Drain Cleaning?

We’re all for DIY when it comes to tackling minor drain clogs. There are a few safe-to-use drain cleaning solutions that you can make with the contents of your pantry, however, we never recommend using harmful chemicals to clear stubborn clogs. These solutions are safe to use and will clear the less serious issues. Baking […]

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indoor air quality

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Indoor Air Quality Checked?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is often overlooked, but it can be the cause of a number of issues. It refers to the quality of air found within a building as it relates to the health and comfort of those inside. Believe it or not, you could be living with chemical or other toxic pollutants in […]

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commercial services

Why You Should Have Professionals Take Care Of Your Commercial Plumbing

When you have a commercial plumbing issue, your best option is to call a professional plumbing service like Art Plumbing, AC & Electric in Boca Raton. Below, we discuss the main reasons why you should hire a professional commercial plumber if your building or business is experiencing plumbing issues. When it comes to your businesses’ […]

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ac repair

AC Repair? Art Keeps You In Your Comfort Zone

There are few worse things than your air conditioner needing a repair – especially during Boca Raton’s hot and humid weather. Finding a trusted AC technician like the ones at Art Plumbing, AC & Electric makes AC repairs a breeze and keeps you in your comfort zone.  Here we explore some of the many reasons […]

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Air Duct Repair

The Signs You Need An Air Duct Repair

The ductwork in our homes is an important part of the ventilation system. It is essential to be able to recognize the signs that your air ducts need to be repaired and to hire a licensed technician to fix any problems before they become a bigger issue. Some homeowners don’t know much about how their cooling […]

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Hot Tub Electrician

Looking For A Hot Tub Electrician In Boca Raton?

Nothing beats being able to chill in a hot tub. The warm temperature of the bubbling water along with the calming motion of the jets gives you a chance to relax and unwind. If you’re in a hot tub with friends or family it’s also amazing to be able to relax and bond with the […]

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Electrical Safety Checklist

The Importance Of An Electrical Safety Checklist

If your home’s electrical system is functioning efficiently, it probably won’t cross your mind that you need to have regular safety inspections done, and carry out necessary electrical maintenance and repairs. Electrical fires that occur in residential homes are often caused by underlying faults in your electrical system and most times, are avoidable. Along with […]

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