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Brighten Your Office Space with Commercial Lighting

commercial lighting

It is a well-known fact that bad lighting can contribute to a decrease in productivity in the work place by affecting the moods of employees. Choosing the correct type of commercial lighting can be overwhelming to any business owner seeking to brighten their office space. There are costs to consider, as well as energy efficiency and maintenance. The color rendering and style can also become important factors depending on your company’s needs.
Often work spaces are too dim, creating a dark and gloomy environment, and an office space that is too bright is just as bad, causing headaches and eye strain that leave workers feeling ill. By employing an electrical company to assess your office space and determine your needs, you can create a cost-effective plan to improve the lighting in your office.
Here are factors to consider when choosing lighting for your office space:

Initial Cost

Replacing a large number of bulbs in a building may lead to high costs. The energy efficiency, lifetime, brightness and heat generation need to be taken into account when considering cheaper bulbs over more expensive ones. Though LED lighting is generally more expensive at the outset, its energy efficiency pays for itself in the long run, especially as the prices of LED decrease over time.

Annual Energy Expense

Different light bulbs require varying amounts of energy to produce light. Depending on the bulb, it may also produce heat which will additionally increase air conditioning costs. The most popular light bulb options are fluorescent, metal-halide, and LED. Fluorescent are energy efficient and are low cost, but do not last as long as LED, which is as bright as metal halide, but generates less heat at half the energy cost.

Frequency of Replacement

The lifetime of light bulbs determines how long they last at full brightness. As they lose strength, they are less effective, but use the same amount of energy. Replacing bulbs often also increases maintenance costs. Bulbs that are fluorescent and incandescent degrade faster when switched on and off frequently. Metal-halide are preferred for their brighter output, however they degrade fast after their lifetime has passed. LED needs to be replaced the least, where a fluorescent will be replaced 3.5 times in the life of the LED.

Color Rendering Accuracy

Color rendering is important too, as the quality of color affects people’s moods. Think of how you feel when it’s dark and gloomy versus standing outside in the sunshine. The more natural the light, the more natural your work environment becomes. In a study conducted on people’s body functioning whilst working in a room with no windows, it was found that the more natural the lighting, the easier it is for the human body to regulate itself and function normally. Fluorescent and LED come in a variety of colors that can be chosen to suit the environment.

Style and Design

Style and design should also be considered if your office is a creative space and you want to see the work clearly, like a publishing office or a graphic design company. In an office that is open plan and has limited windows, you will want lighting that can more accurately replicate natural light. Some bulbs offer point source light to highlight areas, whilst others create a large pool of light.
While our world accelerates into the technology age, where everything is automated and we work on computers in artificially lit areas, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that our workers require a healthy environment to work in.
A brighter work place means a better feeling of safety, better vision, and better moods. By using commercial lighting properly, you can completely change your employees’ working space and create a happier and more productive atmosphere, as well as reduce energy consumption while giving your company a facelift.