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Can A Rooter Damage My Plumbing?

clogged drain

Hire a Professional to Use a Rooter on Your Clogged Drains

You will find the majority of plumbing companies today offer a rooter or drain cleaning service. This is because a rooter is one of the most effective ways to sort out serious clogged drains. The rooter was invented in 1934 by Samuel Blanc and since it’s invention, the rooter and drain cleaning services have been developing ever since.

We find that the main reason for blocked drains is tree roots growing into the main sewer pipes. Buildings constructed more than fifty years ago used clay or cast iron drain pipes and, over time, connections have been deteriorating and the pipes are no longer water tight. The ground may have shifted, contracted, and expanded over the years and roots easily find their way into the pipe. Roots are also so tenacious they make their way through microscopic holes in underground pipes.

If you have roots in your drains, this does not necessarily mean that you need new drains, the rooter will go to the ‘root’ of the problem and cut out the pesky culprits of your clogged drain. Having this service done annually by a reputable company can save money and bigger drain problems in the future.

The question is, ‘can a rooter damage my plumbing?’ And the answer is definitely NO – on condition the rooter is operated by a trained and qualified technician. If you choose to hire a mini rooter and have no knowledge of how to use it, or go to an unqualified source, you could run into severe and damaging problems. Many people who hire sewer and drain cleaning equipment and don’t clean out the roots properly often find that the roots may just be pushed to the side and fall back into place and regrow.

Clogged drain problems can escalate if not dealt with immediately and it takes an experienced technician to do a thorough job. All the roots have to be scraped off and pushed into the main sewer line. There are also specific procedures for relining the pipes and blocking the entrance of new roots and chemical treatments to stop the roots from coming back, which needs to be done by a professional who knows what they are doing.

When more than one fixture is blocked, or a branch drain or vent line is clogged, it is advisable to get professional help. When this happens in different parts of your home, it is likely the main sewer drain from your home is blocked. If the blockage is caused by damage or tree roots, it is a serious problem and a rooter service is the sensible way to go as you may need a camera inspection. A professional company will run a video inspection camera down your line and will be able to determine the condition of the pipes.

There is no doubt as to the efficiency of the rooter when operated by a skilled and dedicated technician working for a company with integrity. For more information about hiring a qualified and specialized rooter service, you can call the professionals at Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning 24/7.