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Commercial Electrical Services For Code Violation Corrections

commercial electrical services

Businesses rely on electricity, and any loss of electrical power directly relates to a loss of income. This, and the issue of safety, are two good reasons to adhere to a regular maintenance plan and electrical safety inspection.

The Florida Building Code regulates all aspects of residential and commercial buildings, including electrical installation. Are you concerned that your commercial building may be violating the electrical codes? Reputable electricians who offer commercial electrical services, can assess your electrical circuit, correct code violations, and issue you with a certificate of compliance.

Common Electrical Code Violations

Only professional electrical contractors can do electrical inspections and provide you with an electrical certificate of compliance. Some of the electrical code violations that they encounter include:

  • Illegal wiring
  • Improper use of electrical fittings
  • Broken circuit breakers
  • Mainboard and outlets situated in the wrong area
  • Faulty/missing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • Outdated main board
  • Mainboard not labeled correctly
  • New appliances with old wiring

Illegal Wiring

Electrical wiring needs to adhere to the guidelines in the Florida Building Code. The most common electrical code violations usually relate to illegal wiring. Some of these violations include:

Wiring Incorrectly Installed

All wires need to be installed and secured correctly. It is illegal for exposed wires to be left hanging/not secured.

Open Joints

When joined, wires are not to be taped or twisted together. All wires need to be joined using the correct connections and in an enclosed junction box.

Wrong Size Wire

The wire size needs to match the circuit breaker. The wrong size wire could cause the circuit breaker to overheat, damage appliances, and cause an electrical fire.

Reversed Polarity

The neutral and live wires are color coded. When outlets and switches are wired incorrectly (wires are switched) users can get electrocuted.

Improper Use Of Electrical Fittings

Certain outlets, switches, and light fittings are not weather resistant and are only designed to be used indoors. It is an electrical code violation if these outlets, switches, and fittings are used outdoors or exposed to the elements.

Broken Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to trip if there is an electrical fault that could potentially damage the electrical circuit. Broken circuit breakers or circuit breakers that are taped in the up position are code violations and safety hazards.

Mainboard And Outlets Installed In The Wrong Area

The Florida Building Code specifies that electrical mainboards and outlets need to be installed a certain distance away from the vicinity of water or gas. If they are installed too close to water or gas, the building will not pass the electrical inspection.

Faulty/Missing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) are an essential electrical safety feature in any building. If GFCIs are faulty or missing from outlets that are installed near water, the building will be violating the electrical code.

Outdated Mainboard

Main boards that operate with fuses instead of circuit breakers are outdated. Although they still function effectively, they are often in violation of the electrical code.

Mainboard Is Not Labeled Correctly

All circuit breakers in the main board must be clearly labeled, and an electrical hazard sign must be on the main board cover. If the labels are missing or worn out, they need to be replaced or the main board violates the electrical code.

New Appliances With Old Wiring

If the building was wired 25 – 30 years ago, the wiring needs to be inspected and probably replaced. Some appliances and fixtures may be drawing more power than the building was initially wired to accommodate.

Is Your Commercial Building Violating Electrical Code? Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric Can Help

All buildings in the State of Florida must comply with the Florida Building Code.Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric are experts in their field and have served the community since 1983.

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