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Commercial Lighting Ideas Worth Considering For Your Business

commercial lighting

Have you ever wandered into a store because the display window was so enticing? Or had a mediocre meal at a restaurant but you keep going back to the same place because of the atmosphere? In both these instances, if you examined the premises carefully, you would discover that the reason they are so appealing is because of good, strategically placed lighting. When ​​​​​commercial lighting is designed and installed correctly, it can enhance staff productivity and help your business grow.

As a business owner who is looking to benefit from either of these you should consider the following when updating your lighting:

​​​​​Lighting In The Retail Industry

In the retail industry, lighting plays a vital role, and can have a big impact on your business in these 3 distinct areas:

  1. The Display Window – Good, ambient, and accent lighting in the display window will attract passers-by and potential customers into the store. A general rule of thumb is if the items displayed are a dark color, lighting should be bright and vice versa.
  • The Showroom – Studies have shown that there is a direct link between good quality lighting in the showroom and the number of sales, so if a business owner wants the customer entering the showroom to immediately love what they see, they need lights that will showcase the items on display. 

The secret to lighting in a showroom is to ensure the whole area is well lit but to keep the lighting simple. The customer must be able to see every detail of the displayed items, including the price, but business owners must not be tempted to use clever lighting to deceive customers into believing that the item is something that it isn’t. An example of trick lighting is displaying diamonds in a way that makes them appear larger than they are. Customers do not like being deceived and tricks like this will backfire and can ruin a business.

  • The Dressing Room – This area of the store needs perfect lighting, as a sale can be made or lost in this little room. It is essential that in the dressing room, the lights are welcoming, warm, and friendly. Warm lighting strategically situated near or around the mirror is a lot more flattering than harsh fluorescent lights on the ceiling.

​​​Restaurant Lighting

Customers eating at a restaurant are not only there for the meal, but they are also there for the experience, so the atmosphere created by the lighting is essential to the survival of the business. Good, strategically placed lighting allows the customer to be able to see the menu and what they are eating, but also creates an intimate mood that encourages them to linger longer after the meal maybe ordering dessert or a coffee.

Restaurants rely on ambient layered lighting to create the mood, task lighting in the kitchen where the meal is prepared and at the tables so the customers can read the menu, and accent lighting to display any focal points effectively.

Security Lighting

All businesses are vulnerable at night, and security commercial lighting aims to discourage criminal activity like vandalism and theft. These lights should provide light coverage of the whole area, without resulting in dark corners and without causing a glare (that criminals use to their advantage). To be effective, security lights need to be well maintained and always in working order. Depending on the area they cover, security lights are sometimes fitted with motion sensors.

Areas that business owners need to focus on with security lights are:

  • Paths and walkways. These lights are normally placed at ground level and illuminate the area so that people can see where they are walking.
  • All entrances and exits need to be well lit.
  • All safety signage must be well lit to be visible.
  • Any valuables like statues should be well lit at night, normally with a spotlight, to deter vandals.
  • Extra security lighting is needed near prominent landscapes like large trees, to prevent them from casting shadows that criminals can hide in.

Parking Lot Lighting

If your business has a dedicated parking lot, make sure it’s well lit during the day and night. Specialized parking lot lights need to be evenly distributed to cover the whole area, as they perform essential functions:

  • They provide drivers with clearer visibility, thereby potentially reducing accidents.
  • Parking lot lights illuminate orientation signs.
  • They light up the area at night, deterring criminals and allowing customers to access their vehicles in safety.

Lights used in parking lots should be able to withstand the harsh South Florida climate. They should also be energy-saving, and have a backup in the event of a power outage.

Office Lighting

It is a documented fact that in the workplace, natural light is best. However, this is not always possible. Strategically placed electrical light fittings play a vital role in increasing employee creativity and productivity. Additionally, it keeps them physically and emotionally healthy too.

Good workplace lighting increases employee productivity, poor lighting is known to make employees complain of:

  • Feeling lethargic, drowsy, and tired
  • Having headaches and/or migraines
  • Eyestrain
  • Disturbed sleep patterns

Depending on the office layout, most office spaces will use a combination of the following:

  • Direct light/task lighting – desk lamps at each desk
  • Direct-Indirect light – Lights that shine up and down, providing even coverage and reducing glare
  • Indirect light – Lights that project upwards dispersing light over the whole area; mimic a natural light source and have a calming effect.

The color of the light also plays a significant role, and an expert light technician will advise employers to:

  • Install cool blue or white lights in the areas where employees need to work and concentrate
  • Warm yellow or orange lights where employees relax
  • Keep the common areas like the kitchen as bright and natural as possible.

Choose Energy Efficient Commercial Lighting

As people become more aware of the environment and the effect we have on it, lighting has evolved. Ultimately, it’s more energy efficient. Although slightly more expensive to purchase, LED lights are gaining popularity because:

  • They have a longer lifespan
  • Use less energy
  • They can be dimmed if necessary
  • Where used, fewer people complain of headaches and migraines

Commercial Lighting In South Florida

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