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Commercial UV Light Systems

commercial UV light systems

Commercial ultraviolet (UV) light systems are used to treat the air and water within a building- the UV light kills the bacteria and germs found in the air and water. It is a more natural way of treating water and air because no chemicals are being used while effectively eliminating contaminants.

How Does It Work?

UV light is naturally produced by the sun and acts as a disinfectant when used correctly. The UV light is set at a particular frequency that is known to kill microorganisms. It disrupts the environment and prevents the germs and bacteria from reproducing.

The use of commercial UV light systems is environmentally friendly because the bulb used does not use a lot of energy so your monthly electrical bills will be lower. In addition to the bulbs using less power, the bulbs themselves are cheap to replace and can last for about a year.

Using UV Light For Water Purification

Commercial UV light systems have been known to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Chemicals are usually used in the water treatment process. These chemicals are not harmful if used correctly but UV light systems show that there are more natural ways of purifying water. The taste and odor of the water is not affected and the whole process is completely safe.

The UV light is placed within the water system, the water passes through a reactor chamber (this is where the UV light system is found). As the water passes through the chamber, the light kills all the contaminants. Once the water has passed through, it is disinfected and ready for consumption.

Using UV Light Systems For Air Purification

A UV light system can also be used in your Air Conditioning system to improve your indoor air quality. The UV light is placed inside the AC unit and it purifies the air as it passes through. Our AC units gather a lot of bacteria and germs which get passed on as the air passes through them, however, with the use of a commercial UV light system, the air is purified before it is released. A single bulb or dual bulb system can be used – the bulb emits a purple light that kills the bacteria and germs.

Air purification using this method can be helpful for people who suffer from respiratory and allergy issues. Making the air in your AC unit cleaner will help prevent a build-up of bacteria – bacteria left untreated can lead to mold which is a serious health issue.

For information on how a UV light system can help improve the quality of your water and air give Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric a call at 561-391-1048 and schedule a consultation with one of our professional technicians.