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Common AC Problems That Stop The Cold Air Flowing

ac problems

AC problems in our South Florida sun can get you heated, literally.

If you find your air conditioning unit is no longer blowing cool air as it should, it’s likely due to these common issues.

Top 8 AC Problems

Air conditioning units work long, hard hours. Regular maintenance will fix the smaller issues. Meanwhile, bigger problems require bigger AC repair jobs, or even the replacement of the entire HVAC unit.

Let’s look at the eight most common AC problems that our HVAC technicians come across when called in to fix an AC that is no longer blowing cool air.

#1 Air Filter Faults

Air filters get clogged up quickly by simply doing their job. A dirty air filter won’t allow the air to pass through it and can lower the efficiency of your AC. In extreme cases, a clogged-up air filter can cause significant damage.

A simple way to check if the air filter is getting too dirty is to hold it up to the light. If no light passes through it, it’s time to clean, or replace it.

#2 Dirt-clogged Drainage

Drain lines get clogged up by dust, dirt and lint. A clogged drain line will result in the drain pan filling up, which can potentially overflow and damage the surrounding area, or the HVAC unit itself. This isn’t an AC problem that will cause a disruption to the cold air supply overnight, but if it’s not fixed, over time it will lead to corrosion and other problems.

#3 Grimy Condenser Coils

Located outside of the compressor are the condenser coils. Constantly exposed to the elements, condenser coils are susceptible to dirt and grime build-up. This inhibits the transfer of heat to the outside air. The build-up then reduces the efficiency of the AC and makes it work harder to produce cool air.

#4 Corroded Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils absorb heat and exchange hot air for cold air. They are found inside the AC unit and are thus vulnerable to corrosion. This affects their function and limits the amount of cold air produced.

#5 Thermostat Troubles

A thermostat keeps your home at a set temperature. If your AC is no longer blowing cold air, check your thermostat. First, you want to make sure it’s measuring the temperature accurately.

Thermostats are also affected by dirt, sunlight and not being mounted level. If those four things are in order (correct temperature, no dirt or sunlight and mounted level) and you’re still not getting the right temperature, there may be a more serious issue for our technicians to diagnose and repair.

#6 Leaked Refrigerant

If the temperature is fluctuating, it could be a coolant leak in your AC. Remember, leaks can occur in different places. This affects how much the repair will cost and how much your internal temperature will be off by. Too little refrigerant will cause the compressor to overheat, and eventually seize.

#7 Cranky Compressor

The compressor gets the refrigerant moving through the coils to allow the heat exchange to take place. If the compressor isn’t working, your AC won’t deliver cold air.

#8 Broken Breakers Or Blown Fuses

Breakers and fuses do the vital job of preventing the compressor or motor from overheating. If the breakers or fuses aren’t working, it could lead to an AC’s motor burning out.

Maintain, Repair Or Replace?

While there are some DIY AC maintenance tasks that you can do, a regular maintenance plan is a great way to avoid unnecessary AC downtime due to unexpected problems. An added bonus to having regular maintenance checks is an efficiently running AC that leads to lower utility bills.

AC problems? No problem! Experienced Art HVAC technicians can repair any part of your HVAC system. They’ll also be able to advise you on whether or not to repair or replace your AC.

If your air conditioner is leaving you hot and bothered, give us a call at 561-391-1048. An Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric HVAC technician will be there to accurately diagnose and fix the issue, and make things cool again!