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Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems (That You Can Easily Avoid)

bathroom plumbing

Part of being a homeowner is taking responsibility for the function of your appliances. Some fixes are pretty simple when caught early – you can find the right tools or kits for such fixes at your local home convenience store. Other issues may require a bit more professional expertise, if not a professional to call and fix.

Bathroom plumbing issues in particular can be really easy or a bit tricky, depending on what’s going on. From slow drains to clogged toilets, here are a few of the most common plumbing problems, how you can fix them, and how to know when it’s time to call for help.

Decreased Water Pressure

Most people love a shower with great water pressure; it’s relaxing and feels good at the end of a long day. But low or decreased pressure could be a sign of bathroom plumbing issues related to the municipal water supply. Sometimes this is due to sediment or build-up on the faucet aerators, which can be solved with a simple cleaning of your shower head. But if you can’t easily identify the problem, it may be wise to call a local plumber.

Pipes That Are Leaking

Leaky pipes are at once a slight annoyance or a big problem. Fixing it yourself can be a simple, yet messy endeavor. Calling in a professional could save you a major headache. But if the leak is minor, you can use a special tape and compression clamp designed for leaks to hold the water in.

Toilet That Won’t Stop Running

Do you still hear your toilet making noises several minutes after flushing – longer than it normally takes to get the job done? That may be a sign that the inner workings need to be looked at. Usually, this issue can be fixed by moving the flapper valve inside the tank, allowing water to move freely from the tank to the toilet bowl. A simple toilet repair kit can take care of this issue, which can be found at home improvement stores.

Drain Clogs

Is the water in your shower, tub, or sink taking longer to drain? There could be a clog (could be due to hair if it’s in the shower or tub). Plungers are cheap and easy tools to use for minor clogging, which can help clear any debris that’s built up over time. Try not to let debris or other foreign objects go down the drain if you can help it. For severe bathroom plumbing or clogging issues, you should call a professional.

Faucets Constantly Dripping

We all know the annoyance of a dripping faucet – especially at night when trying to sleep. Not only is the sound irritating, it can also drive up the cost of your monthly water bill. A washer can help hold back the water, while other sinks may require a special ceramic plate to tighten the seal and stop the leak. If you’re not sure which type your sink requires, a local plumber definitely will.

Smelly Sewer

Smell something funky coming from your bathroom (besides the expected bathroom smells, that is)? It could be a dry shower trap, damaged sewage pipes, or a clogged drain. There are plenty of home remedies for dealing with unpleasant smells, but many of them mask the issue rather than get to the source of it. A plumber can see inside the drain or pipes and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Let A Professional Plumber Help

A small leak or drain issue can be stopped from turning into a major expensive fix down the road if a professional plumber nips it in the bud. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric has decades of experience serving the bathroom plumbing needs of the South Florida area. Whether your plumbing issue is minor, routine maintenance, or a big plumbing emergency, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 561-391-1048 for questions, concerns, or a quote for our services.