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Did You Know Art Offers Smoke Detector Installation?

Smoke Detector Installation

A smoke detector is a simple device that can make a life or death difference for you and your family should a fire occur in your home. Smoke detectors are triggered by different signs of fire (smoke or specific gasses) and will sound a loud alarm to alert you.

Did you know that your favorite plumbing, AC and electric company offers smoke detector installation? The good news is – we do! Here are our electricians’ answers to the top five most frequently asked smoke detector questions.

#1 – Smoke Detector Statistics: Why The Big Fuss?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, three out of five deaths caused by house fires happened in homes without smoke detectors (40%) or non-working smoke detectors (17%).

Having a smoke detector in the home isn’t enough, it needs to be checked regularly to make sure it’s in good working condition. In homes with fire detectors that didn’t go off, 43% had batteries that were disconnected or missing – a situation that could have easily been avoided.

#2 – How Does A Smoke Detector Help?

A smoke detector is an early warning system that gives people inside the building crucial extra time to get out. They are built to be loud and piercing enough that they will wake up those who are sleeping. Qualified electricians from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric are trained to know how many smoke detector units will be necessary to provide enough noise to be heard throughout the home or building.

#3 – Where Are The Best Places To Put Up Smoke Detectors?

  • Your Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric electrician in Boca has been trained to advise you how many smoke detectors your home needs, as well as where they should be positioned to be most effective. Here are some rough guidelines regarding the ideal position for your smoke detectors.
  • Closed doors will effectively slow down the spread of heat, smoke, and fire. Unfortunately, this also means that the sound of the alarm won’t travel as far. To counteract this, smoke detectors should be placed inside and outside each bedroom.
  • If you have a multi-story home, each level will need its own set of alarms.
  • Smoke detectors work best when positioned on the walls close to the ceiling or on the actual ceiling.
  • All smoke detectors must be interconnected to sound at the same time, regardless of which one is triggered.

#4 – Do I Have To Have Smoke Detectors In My Florida Home By Law?

According to the Florida Prevention code, each home needs a minimum of:

  • One smoke alarm outside each sleeping, or living area.
  • One smoke alarm on every level of the home.
  • Dual powered smoke detectors (electrical current and battery) are required.

#5 – What About Smoke Detectors For The Hearing Impaired?

If you have a hearing-impaired person in your family, you can get special smoke detectors installed that flash brightly as well as sounding an alarm. The flashing light will warn those who aren’t able to hear the alarm.

Important Smoke Detector Do’s & Don’ts

Having smoke detectors throughout your home is a good start to keeping your family safe, but here are some important Do’s and Don’ts to ensure their effectiveness.

Smoke Detector Do’s

  • Do get a qualified and licensed electrician to install your smoke detectors.
  • Do test your smoke alarm once a month to make sure it is working properly. To do this, simply find the ‘test’ button on each alarm and hold it down until the alarm goes off.

The Most Important Smoke Detector Don’t

  • Don’t Take Battery Out Of Your Smoke Alarm For Any Reason:
    • Sometimes smoke alarms can be triggered by smoke or steam from cooking or by steam from hot showers. It’s tempting to remove the battery to prevent this, but this could be a deadly mistake.
    • Instead of removing the battery, you can open a door or window and let the airflow remove the triggering smoke or steam.
    • Clear the air around the smoke detector by waving a towel.
    • Press the ‘hush’ button on the alarm.
    • Depending on the alarm type, you can temporarily move it a few feet away from where you are cooking or showering.

For Smoke Detector Advice & Installation, Call Art!

We offer smoke or carbon monoxide detector installation as part of our wide range of electrical services. Whether you need smoke detectors installed in a new building or if you need to upgrade older smoke detectors, Art electricians are ready to assist you from the very first consultation through the final installation. Want to learn more? Call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric in Boca Raton at 561-391-1048 today!