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Don’t Ignore A Small Plumbing Leak

plumbing leaks

As a homeowner, you probably agree that the drip-drip-drip of a leaking faucet is annoying. But do you know that small leaks quickly escalate into much bigger problems? Plumbing leaks point to issues deep within your plumbing system and are one of the first signs that something has gone wrong.

If you want to avoid plumbing disasters and expensive home repairs, it’s important to address small leaks as soon as possible. This article explains how small leaks escalate in severity, describes the benefits of addressing plumbing leaks quickly, and shows you how to spot less obvious leaks throughout your home.

How Do Small Leaks Become Big Problems?

Small plumbing leaks are dangerous because they often go unnoticed or ignored for months. During this time, they can cause extensive water damage to your home and your belongings.

Leaks in your bathroom can damage your walls and flooring (even beneath tiling) and form the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Leaks in your kitchen can damage the cabinets, walls, and flooring around your sink, as well as the appliances, walls, and flooring near your dishwasher or washing machine.

Benefits Of Repairing Plumbing Leaks Immediately

When you understand why small issues are big problems, it’s easy to act quickly. By investing in quality plumbing repair services as soon as possible, you can enjoy these 6 benefits:

1. Protects Your Plumbing System

Common plumbing leaks always point to damage within your plumbing system. By repairing leaks right away, you protect your plumbing system from further damage or damage in other areas.

2. Protects Your Home’s Structural Integrity

Over time, leaks can cause extensive structural damage to your home. Water seeps into your walls, floors, or ceiling, weakening the building material and significantly decreasing its durability and longevity. This damage is often impossible to repair and requires a full replacement which can be a very time-consuming job.

3. Protects Your Belongings

Unfortunately, water damage doesn’t halt after damaging your walls and floors. Leaks can wreak havoc on your belongings. They can damage your bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, furniture, and belongings stored in your attic space.

4. Prevents Large Utility Bills

Regardless of the size of the issue, a leak means that you’re paying for water you aren’t using. And you’re paying for it constantly. A small leak inflates your utility bill and can cost you hundreds of dollars each month. And since leaks inevitably get worse, you’ll be paying more and more as time goes on.

5. Protects The Environment

Since water is a scarce resource, ignoring leaks can have a major collective impact on the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that ignoring even one leaking faucet can accumulate 180 showers’ worth of wasted water a year–that’s nearly 3000 gallons per household!

6. Protects Your Health

Plumbing leaks increase the overall humidity in your home. This creates a breeding ground for potentially dangerous mold growth, putting your and your family’s health at risk.

How To Detect Plumbing Leaks In Your Home

Leaks aren’t always as obvious as a dripping faucet or shower head. To catch leaks before they cause extensive damage to your home, look out for the following signs:

  • A damp feeling throughout your home that isn’t caused by a humidifier
  • Rusty nails or screws
  • Uneven flooring such as buckled wood or lifted vinyl
  • Water stains on drywall
  • A damp, musty smell
  • Wet patches or stains on carpeting
  • A sagging ceiling
  • Missing roof shingles or tiles
  • Fungi, mold, or mildew throughout your home

Say Goodbye To Plumbing Leaks With Art

At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, we’ve seen firsthand how a small leak can cause major trouble. That’s why we’re strong believers in getting any plumbing issues fixed as soon as possible.

Whether you’re dealing with a dripping faucet or a burst pipe, we have your plumbing leaks covered. Contact us at 561-391-1048 to talk with a member of our experienced and friendly team.

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