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Get The Facts About Water Treatment

Water Treatment

You may ask “Why do we need to get our water treated? Isn’t it clean enough to use from the get-go?” Unfortunately, water isn’t always good to use from the start and unless you have a proper water treatment system in place.

Even if you can’t see anything lurking in your water, doesn’t mean it’s free of contaminants. Microorganisms such as bacteria can’t be seen by the naked eye, to detect their presence in your water, you’d need a microscope.

While there are good microorganisms such as lactic acid (found in yogurt), there are plenty of bad microorganisms that can be found in your water such as E.coli. Harmful microorganisms will hurt your quality of life and may even be fatal to individuals who already have pre-existing health conditions.

What Is A Water Treatment System?

A water treatment system is put in place to protect you from any unseen threats that could be in your water. It acts as a barrier to remove not only impurities, caused by hard water but also the majority of bacteria. Water treatment systems improve the quality of water you consume and use daily.

Presently, there are approximately 21 million Americans who use unsafe drinking water. Previously, household water filtration & treatment systems were only used by those who could afford it, now they are more easily accessible and an affordable add-on to any home.

By Installing a water treatment system in your home you’re protecting yourself and your family against bacteria or disease-causing microorganisms that could be in your water.

What Do Water Treatment & Filtration Systems Do?

There are many benefits from installing a water treatment system in your home, here are just a few:

Hard Water

Water in Florida is known to be mineral-rich. Unfortunately, water that is rich in minerals will affect your homes appliances and plumbing system. Too many minerals in the water will cause a limescale build-up leading to a shorter lifespan of appliances that use water such as your washing machine. Build-up of limescale in your plumbing pipes can also cause them to burst.

Removes Chemicals

All water from your municipality is filtered however this does not guarantee that it’s completely free of chemicals.  Runoff from landscaping work or pesticides used can enter your homes plumbing system, especially if there’s a crack in the pipes. This will affect the quality of water that you use in your home. If you do run professional tests to check the quality of your water, you may even discover trace particles of metal. Chemical run-off and trace metals can have an impact on you and your family’s health.

Clean Water 24/7

With your own water treatment & filtration system, you’ll have clean water 24/7. This means you won’t get sick from possibly drinking contaminated water and your skin won’t dry out after showers. One of the common more visible side effects of hard water on your body is that your skin ends up drying out. With filtered water, this won’t be an issue anymore.

Make The Right Choice

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