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Home Plumbing Repairs You Can Do Yourself (& Those You Shouldn’t)

Home Plumbing Repairs

There are some plumbing issues that you can take care of yourself. The internet is filled with advice on how to solve simple plumbing problems that homeowners encounter. However, while there are a number of fixes you can tackle on your own, there are some plumbing repairs you should leave to the professionals.

Let’s have a look at the home plumbing repairs you can confidently address on your own, and the ones you should definitely leave to the professionals.

DIY Home Plumbing Repairs

If you feel like you can handle it on your own, there are some minor plumbing repairs you will encounter as a homeowner that don’t require plumbing service. Online you can find plumbing tips and advice by professionals that will help you along.

Cleaning Your Drain

We say it all the time: your drains are strong and resistant to the gunk that is washed down them on a daily basis, but they must also be proactively treated with care.

There are a variety of DIY methods for drain cleaning. Try to avoid using harsh chemicals; there are safe, efficient, and natural solutions like Bio-Clean® that will solve most clogged drains without all of the side-effects of caustic drain cleaners.

Other remedies include combining baking soda and salt or baking soda and vinegar and pouring them down the drain.

Replacing Or Installing A Faucet

Leaking faucets usually originate from the spout or the base of the faucet.

If you’re attempting to replace or install a new faucet, shut-off the water supply and remove the old faucet. Take note of the connection points on your original faucet and purchase one that is similar to this. The new faucet will come with instructions for installation that are easy to follow.

If you feel that this might be too complicated and at any point you’re unsure of what you’re doing, call a plumber!

Replacing A Showerhead

When replacing your showerhead, all you need to do is remove the original part and screw in a new one.

If you have any difficulty removing the old showerhead, you might need a pair of pliers to give you a better grip. However, it is important to be gentle when carrying out this job as you don’t want to damage any other parts of your shower system. If you run into any issues, call a plumber.

Stopping A Running Toilet

A running toilet can waste a lot of water and send your water bill skyrocketing. It’s an indication that there is a damaged part in your toilet system like a broken floater valve or a broken stop valve. You can replace these parts on your own by purchasing them at a local hardware store and following the instructions on the packaging.

Remember to be sure to shut off the water to your toilet before attempting to replace any parts.

Caulking A Bathtub Or Shower

Cracks or damaged seals in your bathroom can be fixed by re-caulking your bathtub or shower.

You’ll need to remove the current caulking by using a razor blade or putty knife which you can find at any hardware store. It’s important to remove all of the old caulking because simply re-layering it may cause the new caulking not to adhere properly.

Using a caulking gun, apply some product to an unbroken line of caulk. Smooth out the lines with a slightly wet fingertip. The caulk will dry relatively quickly so you must work fast, ensuring that you do so neatly. If you notice any further leaks or cracks, act as soon as possible before the problem becomes worse and leads to other plumbing issues.

Plumbing Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

For the sake of safety, there are a few more serious plumbing issues that are best left to the professionals.

Unclogging A Blocked Sewage Line

Accessing your sewer line is one thing, but having the right equipment and experience to fix this kind of problem is another. Your sewer line is not something you want to play around with as it has an essential role in the proper functioning of your home’s plumbing.

Attempting to unclog your sewer line in the wrong way may lead to sewage backup that can damage your property as well as the entire sewage system. Sewage backups can also pose risks to the health of you and your family members.

Water Heater Installation

Installing a water heater is not as easy as disconnecting the original one, or simply rewiring a few cables. Installation of a water heater requires up to 240 volts of electricity and must be done with knowledge and experience.

There is no such thing as one size fits all. Each unit comes with manufacturer specifications that should be followed. This includes the vent size and the configuration of the unit. If installed incorrectly, it can lead to carbon-monoxide being released into the home. Not only that, but you could also end up damaging the water heater itself, and then you’ve set yourself back even more money.

Replacing Pipes

Leaking pipes can be a bit tricky and while patching up the leaking spot may seem like a good solution, it’s only a temporary one. A deteriorating pipeline replacement must be done right in order to ensure that there are no issues further down the line—literally and figuratively.

Mismatching pipes are another problem when attempting to fix a leaking pipe without experience. Again, one size does not work for all and an experienced plumber will be able to solve this problem with the right tools and equipment.

Attempting to fix a leaking pipe with temporary solutions like patching or DIY projects risks the integrity of your home’s plumbing system.

Repairing Gas Lines

Gas line repairs should not be taken lightly, and they should always be fixed by an expert.

Lack of experience can lead to serious injury or harm to you and the people around you. When repairing a gas line, certain equipment cannot be used because it risks increasing the danger of the situation.

Gas leaks must be treated at the source and locating that source must be left to experienced professionals who know the signs and what to look for.

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