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How Can I Reduce The Amount Of Indoor Pollution In My Home?

indoor pollution

It’s 2022 and by now we are all aware of the harmful effects air pollution can have on our health. A recent study found that indoor pollution can be even more harmful to your health than outdoor pollution. Since we’re all spending more time at home, it’s become even more important to make sure the air we breathe in our home is clean. Luckily, there are ways we can reduce the amount of indoor pollution in our homes.

Let’s take a look at what indoor air pollution is, and how we can take active steps to minimize the amount of indoor air pollution in our home.

What Is Indoor Pollution?

Indoor air pollution includes anything in the air that we breathe that can be harmful to us. This is usually made up of dust, harmful gas, or dirt in the air that hasn’t been filtered out. Indoor air pollution can lead to poor indoor air quality which has been linked to long-term health risks. Poor indoor air quality can cause lung infections and diseases such as asthma, pulmonary disease, and even lung cancer.

Tips For Reducing Indoor Air Pollution In Your Home

There are a number of factors that contribute to poor indoor air quality so it’s important to stay educated and make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep the air you breathe clean. At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric we have years of experience in helping our clients keep their indoor air clean.

Here are a few of our top tips to reduce the amount of indoor air pollution in your home.

1. Make Your Home A Smoke-Free Zone

One of the most common causes of indoor air pollution is cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke can be especially bad in rooms with lots of fabric and carpets. The smoke can settle on these fibers and be harmful to us long after the cigarette has been put out. This can be terrible if you’ve got young children playing on sofas and carpets, inhaling this third-hand smoke.

Not only can the toxins from cigarette smoke be harmful to your lungs but the smell will linger in your home forever. Declare your home a smoke-free zone to ensure the air you and your family breathe is clean.

2. Invest In An Air Purifier

Investing in an air purifier for your home is worth it to give you peace of mind that it’s reducing the amount of indoor air pollution. You can choose to have a whole-home air purifier installed into your HVAC system with the help of an AC technician, or you can purchase a standalone unit. Either option is great for reducing the amount of air pollution inside your home.

3. Invest In A Dehumidifier

Humidity can be a major problem in many parts of the United States during the summer months, especially in South Florida, and humidity inside your home without proper ventilation can result in mold growth. Mold will not only make your home smell terrible but it is also incredibly bad for your health. Breathing in mold can result in long-term respiratory issues. You can invest in a home dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture in your home to prevent mold growth and help keep the air you breathe clean.

4. Get Your HVAC System Inspected Regularly

Making sure that your HVAC system is operating correctly is essential to ensuring that the air circulating throughout your home is clean. It’s important to change your HVAC filter regularly so that they are filtering out pollutants. Having your HVAC system inspected by a professional air conditioning technician can give you reassurance that the air inside your home is clean.

Fight Indoor Air Pollution With Our HVAC Experts In Boca Raton

Our HVAC technicians specialize in indoor air quality services to ensure the air in your home is the best quality. We can advise you on the necessary steps to take to make sure your indoor air is clean. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, book a consultation with one of our experts today. Get in touch with us at 1-561-391-1048 to schedule an appointment.