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How Do Whole Home Water Treatment Systems Work?

water treatment

Clean drinking water is essential for every household. Especially because we have multiple uses for water in our homes. A whole home water treatment system is created to supply filtered water for an entire residence.

Upon installation, it’s important to know how it works. Here, the experts at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric in Boca Raton go over the basics of home water treatment systems.

Water Treatment Systems 

A whole home water filter system, also referred to as a point-of-entry filter system, eliminates contaminants from your water. It’s referred to as a point-of-entry system because it’s usually installed at the water supply line where water first enters into your home. It’s an effective water treatment system that helps to ensure your safety and the quality of your drinking and bathing water.

People use whole home water treatment systems for different reasons. Some may use it to enhance the flavor of drinking water. Additionally, they’re also used to eradicate particular impurities that have been known to affect certain geographical areas. Moreover, some people use water purification systems simply to be extra careful of the quality of water. This is especially helpful if someone in their family has health problems.

Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be, it’s important to be aware of the potential problems that come from using and drinking unfiltered, untreated water.

Process Of Water Treatment Systems

Step One:

The first step entails a process of congelation and flocculation. Here, positively charged chemicals combine with water. The result? Positively charged chemicals offset the negatively charged grime. These particles then attach to the chemicals, resulting in the creation of bigger particles referred to as floc.

Step Two:

The second step involves the flocculation landing at the bottom of the water. This step is referred to as sedimentation because fragments of sediment fall to the bottom of, in this case, water.

Step Three:

The third step is filtration. After the floc has landed at the bottom of the water supply, the transparent water at the top will move through several filters. The filters consist of sand, gravel, and charcoal. This helps to eradicate dissolved particles still lingering in the water, such as chemicals.

Step Four:

The fourth step is the disinfecting process. After the water has been filtered, a disinfectant may be sprinkled into the water, like chlorine. This destroys remaining bacteria or other unwanted organisms that made it through the previous step.

Typical Types Of Home Water Treatment Systems

There are several types of home water treatment systems.

Filtration System

The first type is a filtration system. This will eradicate contaminants with a barricade.

Water Softener

The second type is a water softener. This decreases the hardness of the water supply. “Hardness” refers to the high level of minerals.

Purification System

The third type is a purification system, which takes unclean water and distills and boils it. That steam is gathered and compressed into a different vessel.

Sanitization System

The fourth type is a sanitization system. During this process any pathogenic microbes are destroyed. The physical process of sanitization utilizes an ultraviolet light, heat, and/or electronic radiation. The chemical process of sanitization utilizes chlorine or ozone.

Which Home Water Treatment System Should I Choose?

As you can see, there are several choices available. Not sure which one works best for you? Unquestionably, consulting with a professional about the different types of home water treatment systems is best. After all, they will be able to offer you the best water treatment solution.

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