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How Do You Know If Your Attic Insulation Needs Replacing?

Attic Insulation

An insulated attic will take good care of you and your family. When your attic’s insulation starts to go bad, it creates some problems throughout your home. You may notice that your temperatures are beginning to fluctuate, which can cause your energy costs to rise. Not only this, but small pests and critters can gain access into your attic and will, at very least, leave a mess or bring disease into your home. Your home may also feel draftier as a result of bad insulation. Let’s have a closer look at the main ways to help you know if your attic insulation needs replacing.

Changing Indoor Temperatures

The first tell-tale sign is when you notice that your home’s temperature is changing constantly. Insulation can help to both heat and cool your home depending on the season and climate. Insulation helps to heat your home by trapping in warm air and keeping out the cool air. Effective insulation can also reduce the heat transfer between your roof and attic by around 25 percent. In hot Florida summers this can make a substantial difference to your home’s temperature. Not only does insulation keep heat out, but it also helps to keep cooler air in the house by preventing it from escaping. This all helps for more comfortable living. Think of attic insulation as a thermal barrier for your home.

Wet Insulation

When insulation becomes wet, damp, or moist, there is unfortunately no salvaging the material. You will have to get it replaced. There are various causes for a wet attic ranging from a leaky roof to blocked vents. When insulation is wet, it can also grow mold which can release dangerous mycotoxins into the air. Not only can mold grow in your attic, but if you suffer from allergies, an ineffectively insulated roof will allow various pollens into your attic and into your home. Moisture really renders your insulation useless and it’s best to call in the professionals to replace your attic insulation for you.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed a particular spike in your energy bills? If your insulation is lacking, your air-conditioner will have to work even harder to maintain the desired temperature. This is because of the temperature fluctuations. When more heat is being allowed in your attic for example, then your air conditioner needs to work harder to reduce the temperature in your house. Getting your insulation replaced can save you on your energy bills.

Animal Infestation

Animals may be drawn to your attic as it will be a sheltered environment for them to inhabit and to create a nest.  At Art plumbing AC & Electric, we can do an effective inspection of your attic to make sure there aren’t any critters that are invading your space.

Indoor Drafts

You may be noticing some cold drafts in your house. This can be a result of bad insulation in your attic. Holes in your attic will allow for moving air to flow through your attic which can easily move through into your house. If you notice that there are still drafts, even once you’ve closed all your doors and windows, it’s time to get your attic checked out.

Good insulation can really make a difference in your home. We encourage you to consult a reputable specialist company who can ensure that your roof is insulated properly. We at Art Plumbing AC & Electric are one of these companies and we guarantee a professional and thorough service. We provide a variety of attic insulation solutions which will ensure energy efficiency, as well as eliminate drafts or small pests from getting into your home.