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How Often Should I Service My Plumbing?


Your real estate is your most valuable asset and needs to be maintained and protected. Most homeowners know that the building needs to be painted regularly, and the roofing and wiring need regular inspection, but not many homeowners schedule a regular plumbing service.

Water damage from a burst pipe or water heater, or a blocked and overflowing toilet, can be a dangerous health hazard and result in major damage requiring very costly repairs. Prevent any issues by scheduling a regular plumbing service.

What Will A Plumbing Service Entail?

We often do not give our plumbing a second thought. That is, until it’s not working. Most homeowners will call a professional if they see a leak, or blocked drain. However, a regular plumbing inspection will ensure that all the “hidden” leaks and cracks, don’t result in major water damage issues later on.

A qualified plumber will inspect and service all the plumbing in and outside the building, which will include the:

  • Pipes
  • Drains and main sewer line
  • Fixtures
  • Toilet
  • Water heater

The Pipes

Water is transported to the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry, in pipes (supply lines) of various sizes. The plumber will inspect the condition of the pipes and examine them for any leaks. Pipes that have become corroded and are broken or leaking need to be replaced.

The Drains

Wastewater is transported to the main sewer line through the drains. The plumbing technician will check for any drain leaks and blockages, especially under the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry sink. Additionally, they will examine the traps for damage or blockages as well as the shut-off valves and venting systems.

If a blockage is detected, and the problem does not appear to be any of the household drains, a qualified plumber will have the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to examine the main sewer line and resolve the issue.

The Fixtures

Faucets and showerheads require regular maintenance to work properly. Faucets and showerheads can leak because of:

  • A corroded valve seat
  • Excess mineral deposits on the internal parts
  • Defective washers, O-rings, or gaskets.

Regular plumbing service and maintenance will often prevent these issues and prolong the lifespan of the fixture.

The Toilet

Regularly servicing the toilet will prevent three common issues:

  • A leaking toilet. This usually happens around the bowl when the seal is old or damaged. A plumber will be able to loosen the bowl, remove the old seal, and apply the new seal correctly.
  • A running toilet. This usually occurs when the flapper is not properly seated on the flush valve. A plumber will determine whether the flapper needs to be readjusted or is damaged and needs replacing. Another reason for a running toilet could be a broken or disconnected flushing handle. A plumber, with the right tools and expertise, will repair or replace the handle.
  • A blocked toilet. If you have tried plunging the toilet to unclog it, with no success, it’s time to call a plumber. A blocked toilet can overflow, resulting in a health hazard and awful mess. Regular servicing of the toilet drains could prevent blockages and costly emergency callouts.

The Water Heater

The plumbing inspection will include the service and maintenance of the water heater.

The plumbing technician will ensure that:

  • It adheres latest building and plumbing codes.
  • The water heater is not leaking.
  • The water temperature is correct.
  • The pressure release valve works, and the water pressure is correct. If it is too high, it increases the risk of damaging the pipes. Low water pressure could be an indication of corroded pipes.
  • Every pipe is tested and flushed.

When Should I Service My Plumbing?

Unless you know the last time it was serviced, all plumbing will need an initial inspection and service. Schedule follow-up service every two years.

The exception to this rule would be:

If The Building Is Very Old

Before the 1960s, pipes were made of steel. Unfortunately, steel deteriorates over time, and the plumbing starts giving problems. Old buildings need more regular plumbing service and maintenance.

When You Are Buying A New Home

Nobody wants to move into a new home and encounter plumbing issues after a few weeks. Even though the building inspector has inspected the building, only a qualified plumber has the knowledge and experience to do a thorough plumbing inspection.

If There Are Large Mature Trees On The Property

Large mature trees often have an extensive root system. These powerful roots can push through the main sewer line, causing damage and obstruction. A qualified plumber will know where to look, and what to look for. They will also advise how often a plumbing service will be necessary.

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