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How Often Should My Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

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All air conditioners will eventually need to be serviced if you want to keep them running efficiently. When they’re left without being serviced it can lead to poor performance which often leads to durability and energy problems.

When an air conditioner is serviced regularly, it helps to increase the efficiency of energy, and how smoothly it runs and can lower your monthly energy costs. Servicing can help licensed technicians identify problems that could become larger issues with time.

How Regularly Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

As a rule of thumb, you should have your air conditioner serviced at least twice a year to ensure the system keeps functioning at its best.  In addition to being serviced you should have your units’ coils cleaned – dirty coils lower your air conditioner’s overall performance by about 10%. 

What Does An Air Conditioning Service Consist Of?

It is vital to have a licensed HVAC technician perform an AC tune-up and maintenance on your air conditioner, an AC services will consist of the following steps:

1. Cleaning Of Filters

A dirty filter hinders the performance of your air conditioner. During a service, technicians will replace your AC filter.

2. The Condenser And Compressor Are Checked

Licensed technicians will drain and recharge the air conditioner system. Filters, hoses, connections, and belts will be thoroughly checked to make 100% sure that the condenser and compressor are running in optimum condition.

3. Visual Inspections Are Performed

They will check and do a full visual inspection of the condenser unit. This helps them to make sure that no blockages are affecting the air circulation within the unit. When there are no blockages, the system will perform at the correct temperature and pressure.

4. Cleaning Of The Drain Pipe And Drain Pan

Technicians will perform thorough flushing and cleaning of both the drainpipe and drain pan. The moisture and air will be evacuated from your air conditioner system creating cleaner air.

5. Electrical Components Are Checked

Licensed technicians will complete a full verification and investigation of all the electrical components. This allows them to look for any damage, or wear and tear on the components.

6. Checking The Refrigerant System

The system will be checked to see if it’s providing proper cooling. The coolant levels are checked to help increase your air conditioner’s energy efficiency.

7. A Trial Run Is Performed

Licensed technicians will perform a trial run to make sure no other problems arise while they’re still there. They will also make sure to clean the exterior of your air conditioner system.

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