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HVAC Service for Your Vacation Home

HVAC Service

Year-round tropical climate and paradise style living makes Florida an attractive State to live in, but anyone with a home in South Florida will know how dependent we are on an effective working HVAC systems to keep us cool. Your air conditioner is running all year round, and even harder in summer, and for this reason it is good to get regular HVAC service to keep it running smoothly.
Your HVAC system takes care of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning in your home. It regulates air flow, keeps pollutants out, cools, and dries the air – keeping humidity from creating mold issues. It works like a fully functioning ecosystem in your house, relying on constant factors to keep it running effectively and efficiently.
Like your own body, any system that runs too hard for too long will become tired, and parts will begin to strain and break. If a system is strained, it cannot run efficiently. When this happens, additional costs will be incurred where they may have been avoided by maintaining the system.

When to Plan Your HVAC Service

The best time to schedule a check up on your HVAC would be in spring – before summer hits and your HVAC starts working overtime. If you are planning on leaving your home for summer, this will catch any problems that may occur before you put too much demand on the system, causing it to malfunction while you are gone.

You should also be aware of any signs that your air conditioner is giving to indicate that it needs replaced – these may include a spike in electricity bills, failure to generate cool air, a noisy unit, or a build-up of moisture around the unit – which may lead to water damage.

By hiring a professional AC company to take care of your HVAC regularly, they may assess its performance and carry out maintenance such as replacing filters, checking wiring, maintaining refrigerant levels and resolving leaks that may have arisen. Checks like this prevent your HVAC from working overtime and costing you more electricity, as well as the need to purchase a new system.

The Great Migration

These factors are especially important for the ‘snowbirds’ who go back home in the hotter months of a Florida summer. While you are away your HVAC needs to keep working to prevent your home from collecting mold and becoming damaged when you will not be there to notice any problems.

Even if you rent your home out for the summer the tenants may not report a faulty HVAC and you will have to pay for exorbitant electricity bills as well as a new unit if it breaks. Make sure to regularly service your HVAC – contact us to find out about our Preventative Maintenance Programs.