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If You See Water Damage Near Home Wiring Call An Electrician


Everybody knows that water and electricity should never be mixed, but sometimes accidents happen. Depending on the location, electrical wires are susceptible to water damage. However, you may not notice the damage right away. Concealed electrical wires makes noticing irregularities more difficult. If you notice that you have any water damage near electrical wires, you need to contact an electrician who will inspect, assess and repair any damage to the home’s electrical wiring.

The Dangers Associated With Water Damaged Electrical Wiring

The electrical system, a combination of wires, plugs, circuits, and switches, is complex and potentially dangerous. Only a licensed and qualified electrician should do electrical inspections or repairs.

There are three main wires in any electrical system:

  • The live wire
  • The neutral wire
  • The ground wire

Electrical wires can be damaged if the wires are exposed to water, especially if the wire insulation is damaged and the wires are exposed.

Some ways in which water damages electrical wires are:

  • Over time, water (especially salt water) causes the wiring to corrode.
  • Water trapped around electrical wiring can form mold, which not only damages the wire insulation but is also a health hazard.

Water is a very good conductor of electricity. Damaged electrical wires, especially in the presence of water can:

  • Be a fire hazard if the electricity arcs between the wiring causing a spark.
  • Can result in a sometimes-fatal electrical shock if touched by a human or animal. The ground wire will return the electrical current back to the ground, even if it has to go through a body to do so.

Signs That There May Be Water Damage To The Electrical Wiring

Electrical wires are not aesthetically pleasing, and no one wants to see them coming out of walls or ceilings. It’s for this reason that when installed, they are concealed as much as possible.

The main problem with not being able to see the wiring is that you may miss any damage until it is too late. Some signs will alert you to potential problems with electrical wiring, so if you notice the following, you must call an electrician to do an inspection as soon as possible:

  • The circuit breakers in the main electrical board keep tripping.
  • There is a buzzing sound coming from light fittings, light switches, or plug points.
  • Electrical appliances, devices, or equipment that are plugged in, are submerged in a pool of water.
  • Water is running down the wall and entering the outlet.
  • Water is pouring out of a plug point, light switch, or light fitting.
  • Damaged outdoor lighting junction boxes or plugs. The outdoor lighting junction box and plugs are water-tight, so if they are damaged, water can enter the system causing damage to the fittings and the electrical wiring.
  • A water pipe has burst, and you are unsure of the damage it has caused.
  • Your home has been damaged by a recent flood.

What You Should Do If You Suspect Home Wiring Water Damage

In the event that you have water damage to your home’s wiring, you should consider the following:

Non-Exposed Wires

Did you accidentally spill water? If there are no exposed wires, damage is unlikely. Unplug the device, mop up excess water and let the device or appliance dry naturally.

After it has dried, plug the appliance or device back in and see if it is working. DO NOT open and attempt to repair the appliance yourself, especially while it is still wet. Always call an electrician.

Exposed Wires Submerged In Water

Stay away if you notice any exposed wires that are wet or submerged in water! Switch off the power at the main switch and immediately call an electrician.

Water Pouring Out Of A Plug, Light Fixture Or Light Switch

If you notice water running down the wall from the ceiling or pouring out of plug outlets, light switches, or light fixtures, there is a good chance that the electrical wiring has gotten wet and may be damaged.

In these instances:

  • Turn off the power at the main switch.
  • Unplug anything that is plugged into the damaged plug outlet, it will also need to be inspected for water damage before being used again.
  • Call a professional electrician to assess the wiring. You will also need to establish where the water is coming from and contact the relevant professional to repair the damage.

Major Flood Damage Or Burst Water Pipe

If your home is damaged by floodwaters or a burst water pipe, you will need to have all the electrical wiring inspected by a professional electrician.

You will need to:

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Water and electricity are a dangerous and sometimes lethal combination. If you suspect that you have water damage near your home’s electrical wiring, you need to contact an electrician immediately.

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