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The Importance Of Duct Repair

duct repair

Your AC ducts contribute a great deal to the conditions within your home, and duct repair and maintenance needs to be a priority. If your ducts are faulty for any reason, you are going to bear costs and side effects that could easily be avoided. The system is responsible for moving air throughout your home, and there are great benefits of properly repaired ducts. If you haven’t had them checked in a while, or the conditions explained in this article make you think your ducts could need repairs, contact a duct repair professional.

The Effects Of Forgoing Duct Repair

Without duct repair you are bound to experience some negative effects that you may not be aware of, such as:

  • Poor Quality Air

    The network of ducts transport air throughout your home. If the system is compromised, then your air system will no longer be pure. Contaminates from the air around the duct are full of outdoor pollutants and will have a way of entering the ducts. The quality of air will be poorer and this could affect any sinus sufferers in your household. Contaminates could include dust, fumes, odors, and even toxic gas from certain kinds of water heaters. If any moisture can get in anywhere, the humid conditions of South Florida means a strong chance of mold and mildew.

  • Air Conditioner Works Over Time

    The air conditioner may be what cools your home down, but the duct system works alongside it to create ideal conditions for that to happen. If the system is faulty, then the air conditioner will have a hard time keeping that room cool. You may experience fluctuating conditions inside, but that is not the only way this will affect you. The cool air won’t be circulated properly. This could strain your cooling system and might mean having to repair it more often.

  • High Energy Costs

    Many problems that you may be putting down to your air conditioning system could actually have their roots in the duct system if it is needing repair. Aside from misdiagnosing the problem and potentially paying the wrong professionals, this will cost you massively in energy expenses. Your cooling system already results in a large portion of that monthly expense, and this will increase by up to 20% if there are faults in your duct system. Leaks and gaps are the main culprits here.

When To Consider Duct Repair

Sometimes you will notice a change in the comfort or quality of your air, but other reasons behind needing repairs might be less obvious to you.

  • Layout

    The entire design can influence how efficient your system is. If the ducts don’t take the most direct route, the system could be repaired to be more effective. Long lengths of ducts not only mean that air flow is affected because of the distance it has to travel, but also that there is a lot of surface area where leaks could happen. Straight and short is best, as far as possible. Insufficient supply and return ducts also limit air flow. The size of the ducts should be appropriate for the size of the space it serves.

  • Leaks

    Leaks will increase your energy costs. Gaps, holes, tears can happen through ageing, through exposure to elements, through faulty insulation, and can even be a result of rodents. Whatever the cause, this leaves your air quality compromised. The space outside is not controlled and that defeats the purpose of air ducts. Insulation is a consideration all on its own. Improper insulation, or no insulation, will have the greatest impact on energy bills. If the ducts are compromised anywhere along the system then the pressure and quality within the ducts is also compromised.

  • Kinks in product

    Depending on the type of material the ducts are made from, there could be areas with kinks and damage that cause reduced air flow. This is an easy problem to spot from checking the length of the ducts. Damage to any part of the system will require repairs. This can happen through deterioration or improper installation. Duct systems in older homes (over 20 years old) most likely didn’t account for air cooling and will definitely need an upgrade.

What The Duct Repair Process Should Include

This is a job you want to be thorough with, and so you should employ a professional team to do everything necessary to improve the condition of your ducts.

  • Cleaning

    There would be no point in repairing a system if measures weren’t taken to undo damage as well by thorough duct cleaning. Each part of the system needs to be cleared of all contaminates. Dust must be removed, mold must be treated, the entire area needs to be sanitized and all moisture must be gone. The temperature, movement, and conditions within the ducts need to be perfectly restored.

  • Testing/locating

    A professional will use tools to test the entire length of air ducts to locate all problem areas. The workmanship needs to be on point here, and there should be a quality guarantee to any repairs done. Repairing air ducts is a worthwhile process, as it will be immediately more cost effective. Repairs that are done well and with quality materials will lengthen the lifespan of your duct system.

  • Insulating

    No duct repair job is fully complete if the insulation isn’t checked and repaired as well. Poor insulation is the highest contributor to energy costs. Insulation deteriorates and that leaves ducts exposed. Old metal sheeting ducts can be wrapped in insulation, if there wasn’t any to begin with. Whatever way insulation happens, it needs to be thorough.

Regular checks and consistent maintenance can limit the degree of repairs needed. It is advisable to have a professional who will be thorough and provide sound advice. By monitoring your energy bill and the conditions within your home, you are better equipped to pick up on problems early on. A good repair job will add years to the lifespan of your duct system, and your cooling system. If you have been casual about keeping an eye on the state of your ducts, don’t delay any longer – give Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric a call today, because we can fix it!