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Regular Duct Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

duct cleaning improves Indoor air quality

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Regular Maintenance

Are you wondering whether regular duct cleaning is really worth the money? Some of the many reasons in support of regular duct cleaning include improving your indoor air quality, ensuring the health of your family, maintaining the efficiency of your unit, and a general increase in comfort.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air most likely contains more pollutants than outdoor air. Although it is not the only source of pollution, AC ducts that aren’t regularly maintained and cleaned contain particles and microbes that might contaminate the air inside your home. Thus, having your ducts cleaned regularly is one way that you can make your living environment as clean and safe as possible.

Dirty heating or cooling systems’ ducts can reduce the quality of your home’s air in one of two ways. First, the air you inhale can become contaminated by dirt and dust particles that accumulate on the duct surfaces. As soon as your system is switched on, they are blown out from the vents and spread all over your house. Secondly, moisture in your system can cause mold and bacteria to build up and contaminate the indoor air.

Inhaling polluted air might cause allergies, respiratory diseases such as asthma, and general discomfort. Research has found that dirty air can cause symptoms such as a burning nose or throat, headaches, and irritated eyes. The contaminants in the air might also produce unpleasant odors. Furthermore, the microbes and particles that accumulate in your duct can restrict the airflow of your system and, as a result, it won’t heat or cool your home as effectively. So, not only can this pose a threat to your household’s health and comfort, but it could also influence your system’s efficiency. Many people spend a lot of money on repair services, but these problems can easily be avoided if your ducts are cleaned regularly.

If you notice any of the following signs, you should definitely have your ducts cleaned:

  • There is mold growing inside your heating or cooling system or on any of its parts
  • There is a vermin infestation
  • Excessive dust particles are blown out from the system’s vents
  • Strange odors are coming from your heating or cooling system
  • Any of your household members present symptoms of an illness or allergy that persist over a long period of time

However, contaminants cannot always be detected with the naked eye, you might not be aware that your home’s air is polluted. As prevention is always better than cure, regular duct cleaning is a good idea if you want to reduce the risk of inhaling dirty air or replacing your AC. It is recommended to get your unit and it’s ducts checked and maintained at least once a year – however, you might find that it is best to get it done more often, usually at the change of season. It might seem too expensive at first, but good quality indoor air is a worthy investment! Call us today for a no-fuss maintenance plan conducted by professional air conditioning technicians.