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Improving The Quality Of Indoor Air In Your Home

Indoor Air Quality

Making sure that your family has clean, indoor air quality is important.

In most Florida homes, the air conditioner (AC) is constantly running due to hot and humid weather conditions that make the air stuffy and uncomfortable. With constant air being blown in from the outside, it’s important to regularly maintain your AC air filters to ensure that the highest quality air is being circulated throughout your home at all times.

Causes Of Indoor Air Pollution

  • Lead from in-home dust
  • Harsh chemicals from conventional household cleaners like detergents
  • Pollutants brought in from the outside from shoes or other clothing items
  • Microscopic dust mites and mold can add to the pollutants in the air. (Mattresses carry these types of allergens and they are hard to spot. Even a new mattress can carry these mites.)
  • Pet dander and hair in the air, especially in large amounts, can cause respiratory discomfort. Even if you don’t have pets, it’s possible that you’ve contracted it elsewhere and it will shed throughout the house as you move around.
  • Cigarette smoke and fumes from cooking such as gas stoves
  • Dirty AC air filters

Steps To Improving Indoor Air Quality

Children and the elderly react more negatively to poor air quality, especially those suffering from asthma. The biggest problem homeowners experience is getting rid of air-born pollutants. More recently built homes have been designed to be more air-tight so they don’t allow irritants to exit as easily.

The first step to better indoor air is to have your home inspected. At Art Plumbing, AC and Electric, our Home Comfort Consultants test the quality of the air in your home and identify any health-related concerns. This will identify what steps you need to take to insure your family is surrounded by clean, quality air.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Systems

Ultraviolet (UV) lights prevent the growth of mold and microorganisms. At a high range, UV lights alter the DNA of these organisms and making sure they cannot reproduce and spread throughout your home. UV lights are effectively used for disinfection in places like hospitals and laboratories because of their effectiveness in sanitizing work surfaces and instruments.

Ultraviolet light is a great alternative to chemical-based purification systems, which tend to have many cons affiliated with their use.

Air Filtration Systems

There are plenty of air filtration systems on the market and deciding which one is best for your home can be confusing. In our professional experience, IQAir’s® Whole Home air filtration systems are superior. The design of the filter has an increased surface area creating more filtration power. A bigger collection area means better filtration because more air is allowed to pass through the system.

Better yet, this air purifier fits into your current HVAC system so you will not need to have any additional pieces in your home!

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers work to remove contaminated air from your home. The air passes through filters which clears it of pollutants, allergens, and other contaminants. Once the air is filtered, a fan sends the filtered air back into the room.

Air purifiers are most effective in trapping smoke, pet dander, pollen, dust, and mold spores.

If you’re trying to improve the quality of the air inside your home there are smaller ways to make a difference. ​​​​​​Try to keep your home free from household dust and toxins by vacuuming regularly. Keep a healthy level of humidity in your home by fixing leaking plumbing as soon as possible. Use fragrance-free products for cleaning and crack the window to let fresh air circulate when you are cleaning.

Questions? For all your indoor air needs, call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric in Boca and schedule a visit from our Home Comfort Consultants today!