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Indoor Air Quality Walk Through

Indoor Air Quality

When thinking about the indoor air quality within your home, you might consider things like smell, stuffiness or temperature; but what you might not consider is that there are toxins in the air that could be affecting you and your family. Let’s take a look at what exactly indoor air quality is and what you can do to ensure that the quality of air within your home or office space is healthy and clean.

What is indoor air quality?
Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air within your home or office space. Obtaining a high quality of air inside your home is essential to avoiding common health issues such as fatigue, headaches and congestion. Take a look at our article on indoor air quality for a comprehensive list of dangerous particles and signs of polluted indoor air.

Unfortunately, poor indoor air quality can pose major long-term health problems to Americans across the country; which is why is it so important to conduct regular indoor air quality walkthroughs to make sure that your household is free of any hazardous air pollutants.

What is an indoor air quality walkthrough?
While there are home tester kits available, these kits are not equipped to detect the wide variety of toxins, chemicals and particles that may be contaminating the air. During a walkthrough, the trained professionals at Art Plumbing, AC and Electric will conduct a variety of tests to determine the indoor air quality of a particular building. Some of these tests and instruments include:

  • A particle count:
    A particle counter is an instrument used to measure the particulate of the air indoors vs. the air outdoors. By using a particle counter, we will be able to determine your air quality by checking the size and number of particles suspended in your indoor air.
  • A duct leak test using a thermal camera:
    A thermal camera is perhaps one of the most useful tools available when conducting a walk through because it can identify duct leaks almost instantly. At Art Plumbing, AC and Electric, we use a thermal camera to locate any air leaks that may be allowing contaminated air into the building.
  • A blower door test:
    A blower door test is a very effective way of testing the air infiltration rate of a building. The machine pulls air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside and allowing the higher outside air pressure to flow through all the unsealed cracks and openings. This type of test is also used to determine whether or not the air sealing work within the building is effective.

At Art Plumbing, AC and Electric we offer a wide variety of solutions for indoor air quality, all of which make sure that the air within your home or office space is healthy and free of harmful contaminants. Our trained professionals promise to make sure that you and your family are breathing in the highest quality of air at all times.