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Installing Plumbing For A Wet Bar

plumbing for a wet bar

Times are changing. Many modern homes don’t have a wet bar on the property because it’s no longer a must-have for your home. Some people are more nostalgic while others believe the addition of a wet bar is a practical must-have. Plumbing for a wet bar is a must. Especially as a wet bar makes use of a sink and faucet set-up.

Prefer to keep the party (and guests) in one area? Host it near your wet bar. This helps ensure guests stick to one area of your home instead of wandering around. Depending on the style of the addition to your home it could help increase the value of your property. Wet bars are excellent additions if you host or entertain folks in different areas of your home. It functions more efficiently when it’s not close to the kitchen.

Wet Bar Installation

The nice thing about installing a wet bar in your home is that it makes clean-ups after a gathering easier. If there are any accidents or spills in the entertainment area, you won’t need to run through the house to clean it up.

When installing plumbing for a wet bar, keep in mind that it should have its own drain. You don’t want wastewater mingling with your clean water. Therefore, it’s best to hire a professional plumber to handle the install. They will be able to advise you on the best methods of installation, as well as provide expert advice on what is needed for a wet bar.

Can I DIY My Wet Bar Plumbing?

Irrespective of the amount of online DIY tutorials for plumbing installations, it’s never advisable to DIY any plumbing. Instead, let a licensed plumber handle all your plumbing problems. They also have all the required knowledge to handle an install in a safe way that’s up to code.

What’s unsafe about installing wet bar plumbing on your own? If you don’t handle the installation correctly, you run the risk of contaminating your water supply. More importantly, you also risk causing water damage to your home. These are costly repairs when a professional could have done the job from the start.

To give you an idea of the work involved in the installation. You would need to be able to do all the following (and a bit more).

Installation Preparation

  • Switch off the water supply. Make sure there is no water left in your pipes; you do not want your area flooding before you can start the job.
  • Cut into your pipes using the correct tool. Keep in mind if you don’t do this right, you will damage your water lines.
  • Mark where the new piping will go.
  • Ensure that the pipe ends are thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, the water will be contaminated before you even begin.
  • Make sure you have the correct measurements for the pipes that will run from your main lines to your wet bar sink. If it is not handled carefully, you will have leaks. The cut pipe will also need to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Make use of a solvent to join the ends and fittings.
  • Install the sink according to the instructions from the supplier.

The above is a very simplified version of the steps needed for a wet bar installation. It should never be done without professional help.

Plumbing For a Wet Bar with Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric

Before DIY becomes a DI-Don’t, call the professionals. Our team of reliable plumbers can help with your wet bar installation needs. For full-service plumbing and repair, Trust Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric. Don’t run the risk of costly household plumbing repairs or replacements; call us today at 561-391-1048.