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Interesting Facts About Home Air Conditioning

home air conditioning

In Florida, and especially in Boca Raton, it can be easy to take home air conditioning for granted. However, these everyday appliances are actually quite interesting! Not only do they keep us comfortable in the heat, but they also maintain the right amount of moisture and improve our air quality. From their history to their functionality, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric experts are here to show you how our home air conditioners are pretty cool!

Air Conditioning Through The Ages

Willis Carter is known as the creator of the first air conditioner in 1902. Surprisingly, though, there were many primary forms of air conditioning that come from around the world.

Ancient Egyptians

Evaporative cooling has been around since ancient Egypt, possibly as far back as 3100 B.C.! During those times, they would take wet papyrus reeds and hang them on windowsills. As the breeze blows through the windows, the wet reeds would help cool their rooms.

ancient egypt

Ancient Rome

Rome is well known for its aqueducts and their practical uses, such as supplying drinking water, field irrigation, and public water sources distributed by channeling the water from lakes and springs to the city. However, smaller pipes were also great for running the same water through their homes to cool them.

ancient rome

Historical Firsts

Though primitive versions of home air conditioning have been around for centuries, it was not until much later that it began gaining popularity.

First President

Herbert Hoover, the 31st president of the U.S. from 1929 to 1933, was the first person to install air conditioning in the White House and he spent quite a hefty sum for cool comfort. According to records, the installment cost upwards of $30,000! With inflation, that is over $47,000! Making matters worse, this came at the beginning of the Great Depression when the average annual family income was $1,500 and quickly dwindling.

herbert hoover

Automobile Firsts

We take air conditioning in cars for granted now, but the first automobile to have AC was just a little over 80 years ago in a Packard.

In 1939, the company introduced the concept in an effort to revolutionize travel. Sadly, due to the design and functionality, the auto AC did not catch on as quickly. While we flip a switch or push a button today, the unit took up nearly half of the trunk space and was incredibly expensive.

1939 packard

Summer Fun

The word “blockbuster” is common vocabulary today, but we have the invention of air conditioning to thank for that! Movie theaters were some of the first businesses to install AC to bring in more moviegoers. The ploy worked, and patrons would gladly spend a couple of hours in the cool theaters.

lennox blockbuster

Modern Marvels

While the history of home air conditioning is fascinating within itself, the fun facts do not stop there! Home air conditioning amounts for an astonishing $29 billion industry and is responsible for 6% of energy use in the United States. The introduction of home air conditioning across the US has also led to a significant rise of people moving and traveling to warmer states, such as Florida.

Home Air Conditioning Services In Boca Raton

For Boca Raton, it can be easy for us to take advantage of the wonders of home air conditioning. Proper installation and upkeep of your system are crucial to keeping it running – especially in the summer months. Our expert HVAC technicians can help you with all your home air conditioning needs! From deciding on the right system for your home to installing your air conditioner unit and annual servicing and repairs, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric is here to keep you cool!

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