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Just Chill with Attic Insulation

attic insulation

Are you contemplating installing attic insulation but are skeptical of the so called “benefits” of the insulation? Do you find yourself wondering if it is worth the hassle of installing the insulation especially when living in a warmer climate like South Florida? The answer is yes, and the benefits you hear about are true. Installing attic insulation in your home results in creating a cooler atmosphere, elimination of drafts and less energy loss. Attic insulation has numerous benefits and is needed for your home to be more energy efficient. There are a variety of attic insulation and renovation solutions available that can take your home’s specific structure and energy efficiency needs into account.

It’s a misnomer that insulation only helps during winter and is not needed in warmer climates like those found in South Florida. During summer, when the sun’s rays penetrate your roof and the heat transfers into your attic space, you can be left feeling hot and uncomfortable in your home. Installing insulation can reduce this heat transfer by roughly 25% or more and therefore can prevent the sun from baking its way into your living room. Insulation provides a barrier against the transfer of heat in and out of your home. Not only does the insulation keep exterior heat out, but also it works to prevent interior cool air from escaping. Therefore, your home traps in cool air for longer and you are left feeling more comfortable in your home during the summer months.

How Does Insulation Cool Your Home?

Insulation can cool your home in a number of ways:

  • The first way insulating material cools your home is by not letting it get too hot to begin with. The barrier keeps heat from the sun from penetrating deeper into the house.
  • The second way the insulating material cools your home is by limiting the escape of cool air. By insulating the attic, one also prevents cool air from escaping because it reduces the movement of air (known as convection).

Attic Insulation is your home’s thermal barrier. It results in an immediate improvement in comfort in your home. The fewer air leaks and the more insulation you have, the easier it will be to keep your house cool in the summer. Adding insulation is more of an up-front investment, but can also have a pretty fast payback, as it saves you money year-round. Insulating the attic results in saving energy and less use of appliances such as air conditioners. Approximately 70 percent of the energy used in your home is due to cooling costs and this can be drastically reduced by insulating your attic. With poor insulation in the attic, you could be wasting an enormous amount of energy without even realizing it.

Installing insulation will result in benefits for you and your home- insulation inhibits the transfer of energy by acting as a barrier and this ultimately results in increased comfort for you, energy savings, a reduction in overall living costs and therefore, an overall happier you.