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Looking For An Electrician In Boca Raton?


There are many things that can go wrong when you get stuck with an electrical problem. Live wires can electrocute you; your electrical system can trip due to overloading, and sketchy wires can cause fires.

That is why electrical issues are one of the most difficult and dangerous repairs and all problems should be dealt with by a licensed and professional electrician. You should never try to fix electrical issues yourself.

When To Call An Electrician

Knowing when to call an electrician about an electrical issue can be tricky. As a general rule of thumb, you should always hire a licensed electrician when you think you have an electrical problem.

Here is a list of the most common electrical problems that you can potentially experience in your home or building.

  • Flickering Lights

    If a single light is flickering, that’s an easy fix. If you have multiple lights flickering, there are most likely problems further back in the circuit.

  • Hot Outlets

    An outlet should never feel hot. If your outlet is hot, unplug all the cords from said outlet and call a licensed electrician as soon as possible—before using it again.

  • Ungrounded Wires

    If you get shocked by something that’s plugged into your home’s electrical system, there’s a very good chance that your electrical system is not grounded properly.

  • Burning Aroma

    If you smell burning, find the source immediately. It could be your electrical system’s wires burning through their plastic covering which can easily lead to a fire.

Below are some of the causes of some of these common electrical problems.

  • Surges Of Electricity

    The top two reasons that electric surges happen are lightning striking a powerline nearby or poor wiring in your home or building.

  • Circuits Being Overloaded

    When a circuit overloads it means there is no wattage compatibility between the outlet and the appliance.

  • Wiring Made From Aluminum

    In the late ’60s, aluminum wiring was widely used in homes. However, aluminum wiring was later deemed not safe because it allows wires to corrode too easily.

  • Wiring That Is DIYed Or Dangerous

    Studies have shown that if your wiring is not up to code, you increase the chances of an electrical fire by up to 6%! Don’t take any chances—always hire an electrician for any electrical issues.

What To Look For When Hiring An Electrician

Trying to find an electrician that is licensed, reliable, and professional can be stressful, especially when you have an urgent electrical problem.

Here are a few tips on what to look for, before you hire somebody that could be under-qualified.

  • They Must Have Good References

    A foolproof way of discovering if an electrician is trustworthy or not is to look at their references and recommendations from past clients. The more good reviews a company has, the more reputable they likely are.

  • Make Sure They’re Correctly Licensed & Qualified

    When you hire a professional electrician, you know that they will be up to date with the latest qualifications, follow all the necessary guidelines, and take the proper precautions.

  • A High-Quality Electrician Will Be Covered By Insurance

    Professionals should be covered by insurance. This means that should anything go wrong, the electrician or the company they represent will be held accountable for any wiring that causes damage or losses.

  • The Prices Won’t Bankrupt You

    Reliable and local electricians are often more affordable. They’ll also do the job right the first time, meaning you end up spending less in the long run.

  • Professionals Use High-Quality Materials & Tools

    Quality electricians have access to all the latest and greatest tools and the best materials.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Electrician

Professional electricians come with quite a few benefits for you, your home, and your family.

  • They have valuable knowledge of electrical systems, repairs, and equipment.
  • You will end up saving money on repairs, work, and materials in the long run.
  • They have more quality experience from previous training and completed jobs.
  • Insurance coverage comes with hiring a professional electrician in case anything goes wrong.
  • You don’t have to worry about the work being completed incorrectly.

Electricians In Boca Raton

If your electrical systems aren’t working correctly it can be very dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have any questions about the electrical services we offer, call the experienced team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric in Boca at 561-391-1048 – we can handle anything!