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National Plumbers Day: A Tribute To The Tradesmen Who Keep Our Homes Running Smoothly


We often overlook the vital role that plumbers play in our community and everyday lives. Not only do they install and maintain the plumbing systems in our homes and offices, but they also ensure our drinking water is safe and clean. Your local plumbers make sure you are protected from water born mold and pathogens, and fix water leaks and blocked pipes and drains.

Our lives would be a lot less comfortable without these often unappreciated tradespeople. Let’s take a moment to examine what challenges they face, what they wish all homeowners knew, and how we can say thank you in a meaningful way.​​​​​​

Plumber’s Occupational Challenges

Your local plumber often has to go to extreme lengths to ensure you have safe and clean drinking water. Next time you see a plumber hard at work, thank them for what they do and appreciate the fact that they often:

  • Work in uncomfortable temperatures
  • Work in dusty and noisy environments​​​​​
  • Do shift work, often for extended days.​​​​​​
  • Work with raw sewerage​​​​​​

​​​​​​​10 Things A Plumber Wishes You Knew

Plumbing problems can often easily be avoided. If your local plumber compiled a list of things they wish you knew, it would be that homeowners took note of the following 10 things:

1. Do Not Pour Grease In The Sink

Most kitchen drains clog because homeowners pour grease down the sink. When the grease cools down, it forms a solid mass that attracts other small particles and ultimately blocks the drain. A simple solution to this problem is NEVER to pour grease down the drain, always throw it into the garbage.

2. Do not Use Caustic Drain Cleaners

Never use caustic drain cleaners, especially on older pipes. Caustic drain cleaners are dangerous, environmentally toxic, and damage the plumbing pipes. There are many ecologically friendly drain cleaners available for everyday use. There are also numerous home remedies using baking soda and vinegar that are also quite effective.

3. The Garbage Disposal Is Not A Trash Can

Only small amounts of food should be put into the garbage disposal unit. Avoid putting large amounts of food, or fibrous foods like celery and potato peels into the garbage disposal, as these tend to clog the unit. Remember to flush the unit well after every use.

4. The Toilet Is Not A Trash Can

Like the garbage disposal, the toilet is not a trash can. Only throw toilet paper in the toilet. All other items have the potential to block the toilet drainage system. To avoid temptation, place a medium size garbage bin in the bathroom for all other disposable items.

5. Do Not Ignore Minor Leaks

Contact a plumber as soon as you discover a plumbing leak. Small leaks are usually easy and inexpensive to fix but left unattended, they often progress to large, often expensive problems.

6. Always Use Qualified Plumbers For Repairs And Maintenance

Plumbers are often called in to fix the amateur’s mistakes so only use qualified, experienced, and licensed plumbers for all plumbing issues. Although a local handyman may have a little knowledge and good intentions, they should not be relied on to repair or maintain the complex plumbing system.

7. Shut Off The Water Valve When Going On Vacation

There is little worse than returning home from a vacation than to find a plumbing issue and your home flooded. Avoid a potential flooding disaster, by turning off the main water valve before going on vacation.

8. Keep Plumbing Pipes Under The Sink Clutter Free

Do not occlude the sink drains by cluttering the cupboard under the sink. Clutter has the potential to damage the pipes and loosen their joints. Placing items in front of the pipes occludes them from view, making it more difficult to notice any plumbing leaks​​​​​.

9. Check The Water Meter Regularly

All homeowners must know where the water meter is, and how to check it. If your water meter is running when you know that all the water systems have been turned off, then you must suspect a leak. Regularly checking your water meter could save you hundreds of dollars in the water bill, and allows you to suspect and report a plumbing leak before it becomes a big problem.

10. Do Not Neglect Regular Maintenance

The plumbing system is large and complex. Many issues can be detected early or avoided altogether if you schedule regular plumbing maintenance by a qualified plumber.​​​​​​

How To Thank Your Local Plumber On National Plumbers Day

April 25th is International Plumbers Day. Let’s make a concerted effort to appreciate and thank these talented tradespeople who daily contribute to our comfort and safety by keeping our homes running smoothly. Some ways to do so include:

  • Thank them in person or leave a thank you note.
  • Post a positive review on social media.
  • Leave a positive review on their website.
  • Recommend their services to prospective customers.
  • Pay them on time.

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