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Why You Need Annual Backflow Testing And Certification

backflow testing and certification

Your drinking water enters your property directly from the underground source in pressurized pipes which will only allow the water to flow in one direction – up and into your building. A cross connection ensures that potable water and non-potable water are kept separate. This means that you are provided with fresh clean water each day, but there are instances when your water will flow in the opposite direction, this is known as backflow.

Water running backwards through the piping system can be caused be a variety of things such as the use of multiple fire hydrants in the area or even a water main break. While a fireman’s use of the fire hydrant may be an excusable reason for backflow, the problem arises when the water must re-enter the building. Backflow water is non-potable, it may be suited to other tasks such as cleaning, but you cannot safely drink or cook with the water as it can contain waterborne contaminates.

Backflow Testing And Certification

Each business and multi-unit condo/apartment complex is required to have a backflow prevention device at the cross-connection point, the installation of this device is what will protect your potable water supply from contaminates. You must get your backflow tested every year. While local regulations require it, it is something that you need to do for the safety of anyone who uses the water for consumption.

If your backflow prevention device is not working correctly, it must be repaired or replaced immediately, or you may risk contaminating your potable water supply. Each business in your community must comply with the yearly testing requirements as backflow could affect neighboring water supply. You as the business or property owner should remember that most contaminates that would make someone sick cannot be detected by color, odor or taste. This means that unless occupants all become ill, you will not know if your water is contaminated or not, unless you have your yearly testing done.

The Real Cost Of A Faulty Backflow Prevention Device

Remember that yearly testing of your backflow prevention device is as important as the regular preventative maintenance you should do for all your plumbing. The health risks involved and the medical bills due to illness are more excessive than the cost of having your backflow tested. The overall costs of dealing with backflow can also depend on the scope of the contamination. Businesses or multi-unit condo/apartment complexes in the neighborhood will need to have their water sampled by a laboratory to ensure that your water is not contaminated and have the main water line checked to make sure that the contamination didn’t spread.

All these expenses add up into a bill that most homes can’t afford. Annual checkups by a licensed plumber will save you time and money.

Go With The Flow, But Not The Backflow

There are numerous backflow prevention devices available on the market such as the double check valve, the reduced pressure component or even the pressure vacuum breaker which all make use of different mechanisms to prevent backflow and while you may not be familiar with it or know what is best suited to your budget, the team of plumbers at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric do. You will need the expertise of a certified backflow tester to get your prevention device checked and we are able to efficiently handle all your backflow needs such as maintenance, repair, annual testing as well as replacement.