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Plumbing Companies Keeping Your Festive Season Problem Free

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Getting a plumbing company out for emergencies over the holidays can be costly, as prices tend to spike. Now is a good time to get maintenance and thorough checks done. Plumbing emergencies are not how we want to spend time and money during the festive season. This is the stuff of nightmares – family gathered, cheer in the air… and disaster in your pipes. There are so many ways in which a plumbing company like Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can prepare your home for the holidays, either to prevent major emergencies or simply to get it into prime condition for hosting guests and to sort out any issues that may have built up over the year.

A Plumbing Company To Fix Your Faucets

Faucets and shower heads might go unnoticed in the line-up of plumbing issues. Here is why they shouldn’t.

  • Hygiene

    Who knows what is rushing through your pipes along with your water supply. The range of matter that builds up around outlets will shock most people. Rust that breaks away from the lining of your pipes is one thing, but pipes can be accessed by small creatures that don’t get out alive.

  • Expenses

    Valves wear over time causing leaks. Washers and other parts of the fittings are exposed to a lot of water on a daily basis. Some valves are made with more complex parts than simple washers and a professional will know what is needed when a faucet or shower head won’t stop dripping. Water leaks can have an impact on your monthly expenses, aside from being a nuisance. Leaving these unattended is also not the most environmentally conscious action. Don’t forget to check your toilet for leaks as well – any faulty part in the flushing mechanism can cause water to leak into the bowl.

  • Water Pressure

    You inhabit your home year-round and may not notice water pressure weakening over time. This could be caused by a build-up of residue in the pipes. Shower heads and faucets inevitably gather particles and do require a good clean out more regularly than we think. Aside from affecting your water pressure, this build-up can cause pressure build-up that, over time, becomes a real problem.

  • Corrosion

    Leaks that have been left unattended or fixed in makeshift ways will leave your inner mechanisms and pipes vulnerable to corrosion and create possible emergency situations when parts fail altogether.

Plumbing Companies On Pipe Patrol

Leaks can happen anywhere along the system and are not always noticeable. The potential damage will seriously interfere with your holiday budget.

  • Obvious Leaks

    Areas under your kitchen sink, around your toilet, and below basins are easy to get to. The trick is to check often and address the problem quickly. These leaks could damage flooring, shelving, and other materials. They also become a health hazard if mold happens, and a safety hazard if water collects. An obvious leak can be a sign of an issue further up the pipeline.

  • Hairline Leaks

    Hairline leaks won’t be picked up by random checks, and they may have no effect on water pressure or even drainage to bring your attention to the problem. Detailed inspections with the right methods and equipment are so important. Left undiscovered, these leaks could become burst pipes.

  • Hidden Leaks

    Sometimes something happens that makes us aware of a problem in our plumbing system: a spike in a utilities bill, a drop in water pressure, or sounds coming from the walls. If you can’t find the leak, the chances are good there’s a leak either in the walls or in the ground. Usually, the problem seems sudden but can often be avoided by having full service inspections done regularly. When you consider the harsh weather of Florida, especially after the hurricane season, it is definitely wise to check at this time of year. Hidden leaks can cause structural damage like warping, discoloration, and mold.

When Plumbing Companies Drain Drains, Not Pockets

Emergencies are more expensive than maintenance. Taking care of your drainage system can become something you budget for.

  • Build Up

    Slow drains are inevitable, considering all the products that make their way down the various drains in our homes. These should not always be treated with chemical based drain cleaners, which damage your pipes over time. Aside from toilet paper, an assortment of products can back up your toilet. We can be quite careless with what we flush, and children seem especially fascinated by this mechanism. Every time we use products, we are washing solutions down the drain that don’t completely make their way out to the other side. Kitchen drains have recently been put through the ringer with thanksgiving dinners, and a well cleaned drain will help the holiday catering along nicely.

  • Blockages

    Sometimes blockages are caused by accessible objects, but they also happen further into the system and can be caused by many things, even small animals. An expert would be able to track and clear whatever is causing the problem with the use of special equipment and methods. Inspections and tests at this time of year will clear the way for the holiday season to continue, uninterrupted, in its expected cheerful manner. It will also mean a fresh start to the new year.

  • Special Maintenance

    Drains can be the source of unpleasant smells. This links to the hygiene aspect of doing thorough maintenance – we mentioned the small animals, right? Smells usually indicate a need for special maintenance to find the source – small animals, natural debris, or a build-up of household products, food, and waste that won’t degrade naturally.

Plumbing Companies And Water Works

So, we have addressed all the plumbing bits that get immediate attention. Some other elements could, with attention to detail, impact on your holiday season in much more obviously pleasant ways.

  • Water Heaters

    Look at how to reduce your monthly expenses by installing an economic heating system. If this is one step too far, look at how to make your system work better. Pay attention to your water temperature and pressure, and inquire how a professional could adjust a setting or two to improve its function.

  • Water Softeners

    This probably doesn’t cross the minds of most people, but it is something within our control. Have you ever gotten back from a trip talking about how good the water felt, how soft it made your hair, or how your skin felt less irritated? Bring that feeling home – ask a plumber’s advice on water softeners.

  • Irrigation

    If you are travelling over the holiday period, irrigation systems need to be working. If you are staying home, possibly housing guests, a garden that can take care of itself is one less task in an already busy season. Timing adjustments and other calibrations need to be done anyway, and doing them at this stage of the year makes good sense.

  • Filter Systems

    The chemicals in our water supply makes filter systems necessary. Looking after the system will ensure a much longer life span, and clearing the filter system will clear up any mustiness in your water as well.

When you think about it, plumbing maintenance can quickly become overwhelming. There are so many elements that form part of the water system in our homes. You could do some maintenance throughout the year but the fact is that wear and tear does happen. See your plumbing system as a mechanism, much like a vehicle, and service it regularly to avoid emergency situations and costly repairs. Call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric today for more information.