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Residential Lighting For Optimal Summer Fun

Residential Lighting

Now that summer is in full swing, you’re probably spending lots of time outside. That may include drinks on the backyard patio with some of your closest friends. But once the sun goes down, you don’t have to bring the party inside. With the right kind of outdoor residential lighting, you can keep the energy flowing long after the daylight disappears. The right kind of bulbs and fixtures can create just the kind of ambience you’d expect from your favorite restaurant patio.

The experts at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric will explain different types of lighting to choose from so you can enjoy nighttime all summer long.

Different Bulbs For Different Purposes

Both outdoor and indoor residential lighting is separated into three categories, based on their function. You have overall lighting, which illuminates an entire space or room. You have task lighting, which has one specific purpose, such as lighting a path or hallway. Finally, there’s accent lighting, which draws attention to a specific area in a room or part of the yard. This can be done by using flood lights or spotlights.

When it comes to choosing outdoor light bulbs, you’ll want ones that provide quality lighting without straining the eyes or being a nuisance to the neighbors. Since outdoor lights also tend to be left on longer for security reasons, you may want to consider halogen bulbs, which have a pleasing light that doesn’t consume as much energy as the traditional incandescent bulb (and as an added bonus, halogen bulbs last longer). Also consuming less energy but come in a variety of colors are fluorescent bulbs. For the longest lasting bulb, LED landscape lighting is your best bet. While these are more expensive, they balance out by outlasting all other bulbs in its category.

Step and Patio Lighting

The most optimal hang-out spot in the backyard is the deck or patio. Deck lighting can be neatly and discreetly installed, so you get great quality light while not being distracted by bulky fixtures. You can choose from different models that can fit well with whatever deck or patio design you have. In addition, step lights can go under stairways, so everyone stays safe when it’s dark outside.

If you’re looking for a fancier look that stands out, party lights may be a great option. Like Christmas lights, these lights on a string can be plugged in and serve as both practical light and decoration. Unlike Christmas lights, these are designed to use year-round.

With so many options available, you can easily create a backyard space that is both stylish and functional.

Consider Home Security

Outdoor lighting provides ambience for hanging out and having evening gatherings, sure – but did you know that they also provide an added benefit of security? Even if you’re not outside, having a well-lit property – especially on walkways, near doors, and the garage – can keep burglars away, or at least make them more likely to leave your house alone. That’s because the right lighting can give the illusion that your home is occupied, even when it isn’t. You can easily and inexpensively illuminate different parts of your house with wall lanterns and strategic spotlighting.

Residential Lighting And Other Electric Services In South Florida

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