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Saving Money With Programmable Thermostats

programmable thermostats

Recently, programmable thermostats have become a ‘hot item’ in homes across the United States. Homeowners are realizing that making the easy conversion from manual to programmable thermostats brings many advantages to the comfort of your home, and also your wallet! Nowadays, this item is a standard in homes, and if you have not yet upgraded, find out more about what exactly it is, and how it can benefit you.

What Is a Programmable Thermostat?

This is a thermostat manufactured to adjust the temperature of the room according to a series of programmed settings, taking effect at various times during the day. They are also known as setback or clock thermostats. The owner of this item is able to program the temperature and time settings to suit his or her particular lifestyle. The machine works by sensing the air temperature, and then increasing or lowering when the detected room temperature is below or above the programmed setting. Once the desired temperature of the room is reached and detected by the thermostat, the machine will switch off. A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-select the times of the day you want the room heated or cooled, and at what exact temperature. This means you can also chose different temperatures at particular times of the day, or days of the week, according to the weather forecasts, for example.

How Will I Benefit from Installing a Programmable Thermostat?

  1. Save Money!

    This is undoubtedly the machine’s biggest benefit to you. Worldwide, energy costs are increasing dramatically, creating a burden on your wallet. The best way to avoid this is to reduce your home energy consumption, of course. Programmable thermostats can help to do this by allowing you to pre-select the exact times of the day you will require the house temperature to be cooled or heated, as opposed to the entire day. For example, if people leave the house at 8am and will only return at 3pm, there is no need to use electricity to cool the house between these hours! You can program the thermostat to ensure the indoor air temperature is as desired by the time you return home. Create a schedule that aligns with your family’s routine, and save up to 2 percent on your electricity bill for every degree you raise or lower the temperature of your home!

  2. Maintain Consistency In Temperature

    Programmable thermostats are able to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, meaning that you will not have to increase the air conditioning dramatically when hit by a heat wave. During the hot and cooler months, the room can stay at a steady temperature as programmed by you.

  3. Save Time

    You no longer have to spend time adjusting the thermostat because it no longer needs to be done on a daily or hourly basis. Temperature adjustment can be done once-off: create a schedule for the week, month or even season that will suit your lifestyle. If you need to up and leave your house, you do not have to worry about switching off the thermostat and then switching it back on again when you return – something that can be easily forgotten! Instead your AC unit will run according to your program, and turn itself on and off when needed.

  4. Increase Efficiency

    Unlike manual thermostats, programmable ones are highly efficient and decrease the chances of wasted energy. This means that not only will you save on money, but your home will also help save on national electricity usage – a resource that may become scarce in the future!

  5. Take Advantage Of Technology

    Newer models often come equipped with the ability to pair with technological tools such as Wi-Fi that connects to your laptop or smartphone, allowing you to adjust the settings from your bed or even away from home! Imagine being on vacation, and noting an unusually hot day back at home… you can then conveniently change the temperature of the thermostat from your device.

Installing one of these convenient and efficient thermostats is easy to do even on your own! Replace your old manual thermostat today with one that is fully programmable, and start saving on electricity costs and increasing the comfort level in your home!