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Six Signs of Electrical Problems Caused by Faulty Wiring

electrical problems

Do you get frustrated with dimming lights and circuit breakers that keep tripping? You may even get a fright when the light switch or electrical outlet gives you a mild shock when touched. These minor inconveniences are an indication that the electrical wiring may be faulty and are electrical problems that should never be ignored!

The electrical circuit is a complex system that should only be installed and maintained by professional electricians. There are many dangerous consequences to amateur electrical installations and faulty electrical wiring. Being familiar with the common signs of electrical problems caused by faulty wiring can prevent further damage and electrical fires.

Six Common Electrical Problems That Indicate Electrical Wiring Is Faulty

Although many signs indicate there may be a problem with the electrical circuit, being able to identify common signs could prevent electrocution or an electrical fire.

Six common electrical problems that are signs of faulty electrical wiring are:

  • Flickering, buzzing, or dimming lights
  • Circuit breakers that trip frequently
  • Switches or outlets that shock you when touched
  • Outlets that feel warm to touch
  • Unusually high electric bills
  • Wire insulation that is frayed or visibly damaged

Flickering, Buzzing, Or Dimming Lights

If you have excluded a faulty switch, light fitting, or light bulb, you can be certain that a flickering, buzzing, or dimming light is due to faulty electrical wiring. Contact an electrician to inspect the electrical circuit immediately.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are designed to trip if there is any problem with the electrical circuit. They are known to trip if the circuit is overloaded, or if a faulty electrical appliance is causing a short circuit. If you reset the circuit breaker and it remains up, then you don’t need to be concerned.

You will need to get a professional electrician to investigate the electrical wiring if the circuit breaker keeps tripping. Once you have excluded overloading and faulty appliances, then there is a good possibility that the problem lies in the wiring.

Switches and Outlets Shock You When Touched

An outlet or switch that causes an electrical shock when touched, needs to be assessed by a qualified electrician.

The main reasons that an outlet or switch would shock you include:

  • They are wired incorrectly.
  • They are not grounded correctly.
  • The wire insulation is damaged, old, or worn out and wires to be replaced.

Outlets Feel Warm to the Touch

You must never use an outlet, even if it is working. If the outlet is warm to the touch, there may be a fault with the electrical wiring.

Other signs that there is a problem with the outlets electrical wiring include:

  • The outlet is warm to touch
  • The outlet is vibrating.
  • It is discolored (black)
  • It has smoke coming out of it.
  • The outlet is dead

Unusually High Electric Bill

You can expect the power bill to be higher than usual if you have an influx of visitors, or during the holidays when you spend more time at home. Unexplained, unusually high electric bills are a cause for concern and need to be investigated. A professional electrician will be able to determine if the high electrical bill is due to damaged electrical wiring and resolve the problem.

Visibly Damaged or Frayed Wire Insulation

If the electrical wire insulation is visibly damaged or frayed, then there is a strong possibility that the wiring itself is damaged. When amateurs install an electrical circuit, the wiring is often messy and exposed. Messy, exposed wiring attracts pests and critters who chew on the insulation and damage the wires.

What Can Cause Faulty Electrical Wiring?

Unless you are a professional electrician, chances are that you do not give the electrical circuit a second thought unless there is a problem.

Electrical problems can usually be traced back to faulty wiring, and most times the wiring is faulty because:

  • It has been installed by amateurs. Amateurs may have basic electrical knowledge, but do not have the proper training or experience to install the electrical circuit correctly. They usually try to do the job as cheaply and quickly as possible. “Cheap” and “Quick” are never words that should be used when it pertains to electrical installations.
  • The wiring is not installed legally, as per the Florida Building Code
  • The building is old, so the wiring is usually outdated and needs to be replaced.

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