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The Benefits Of A Whole-Home Generator

Whole-Home Generator

Electricity is a necessity in our everyday lives, using it in many of our daily tasks. It’s often taken for granted when it’s around but goodness, don’t we miss it when it goes out!

Lucky for us, generators have left us no longer dreading the days of power outages, keeping our homes cool and our families happy. In addition to being able to browse the web in your air-conditioned home, a whole-home generator has a number of benefits – for both your home and your family.

How A Generator Works

A generator, or lifesaver as we like to call it, is a piece of equipment with the power to restore normality in your home when chaos hits. Started automatically or manually, a generator supplies energy to your home in the event of a power outage by creating fuels such as natural gas to create electricity.

A Whole-Home Generator

When installed, a whole-home generator is wired into your home’s electrical system. Starting automatically when there is a loss of power, the generator restores power seamlessly, keeping essential elements of your home running. A whole-home generator allows you to carry on with life as normal, enjoying the conveniences electricity provides – and you know we’re talking about that AC! Although more expensive than other generators, whole-home generators make less noise than a portable one and supply your entire home and not just parts of it.

Benefits Of A Whole-Home Generator

A whole-home generator is an investment with a number of benefits, some of which include:

Safety And Security

No electricity during the day is definitely annoying but not having power in the evenings makes simple, everyday activities become potentially dangerous ones. Walking around the house without sufficient lighting increases the chances of falling, tripping, or walking into objects usually avoided.

This also creates a window of time for potential thieves to take advantage of the fact that your home security system, like the power, will be down. A whole-home generator means that you will never have to choose between your home’s safety or function.

Perishable Food Items

A few hours without power and food in the freezer and fridge will begin to spoil. This makes the food unsafe to eat, especially meat, meaning that it will all have to be thrown away. This ends up costing you money, an expense that could have been avoided with a whole-home generator.

A Functioning Home

As mentioned earlier, the switch from the grid to the generator power is automatic. This means that you’ll experience no more than a flicker of the lights when the power goes out. A whole-home generator allows your day to carry on as normal.

Electronic Devices

When the power comes back on after an outage, it creates a surge in power. Unfortunately, all electrical devices plugged into a socket when the power surges are at risk of being damaged. A whole-home generator will only switch back to grid power when it is safe, ensuring the safety of your electronic appliances.

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