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The Benefits Of Water Treatment & Filtration Systems For Your Home

Benefits Of Water Treatment

Just because you can’t see contaminants in your water, doesn’t mean it’s free of them. Organisms and other bacteria that can affect your health, are often invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen on a microscopic level. Water treatment & filtration systems are designed to protect you from the things hiding in your water that you can’t see as well as ensure that you only receive the best quality water for your daily use.

There are approximately 63 million Americans who currently use unsafe drinking water. In the past, filtration systems were a luxury meant to only be used by those who could afford it. Modern-day filtration systems are now more easily accessible and are oftentimes a necessity for your home. Remember that these filtration systems protect your household water against foreign particles in the water such as pathogens linked to diseases, chemicals, bacteria, and hard water.

The Benefits of Water Treatment & Filtration Systems

Water treatment & filtration systems protect your household water supply from a variety of foreign particles and ensure that your household appliances that use water also remain unaffected.

  • Halts Pathogens and Bacterium

    Some diseases breed exclusively in water such as E. Coli and Giardia. Waterborne diseases are not easy to identify until after you get sick. It’s important that you have a proper water filtration system to ensure that you or your family can’t get sick from drinking the water in your home.

  • Stops Chemicals

    Water that enters your home is filtered to a degree, but runoff from pesticides and landscaping can and will affect your water. There are also cancer-causing chemicals that you need to be aware of, which can affect your water systems. Your water may also contain trace amounts of metal which include arsenic, lead, and barium, just to name a few. All trace metals within the water can have devastating effects on your health.

  • Blocks Hard Water

    Hard water is extremely mineral-rich water, to a point where it can have adverse effects on your health, as well as on your household appliances and plumbing. The minerals and metals found in water cause limescale and mineral deposit build-up’s which can cause your pipes to burst. Hard water also affects your appliances. This is due to the number of minerals in the water, which will shorten the lifespan of your appliances.

  • Access to High-Quality Water

    Forget the need to buy bottled water. With your own treatment and filtration system, you will have 24/7 access to high-quality drinking water. You’ll save money and reduce your carbon footprint as you purchase less bottled water, reducing your overall amount of plastic use.

Finding The Right Water Treatment & Filtration System

Finding the right home water system treatment for your home can be difficult, but it’s a choice you must make to ensure that your household has clean drinking water. A treatment system will also ensure that your household plumbing and fixtures last longer without limescale and mineral build-up. Just bear in mind that there is a difference between water filtration and water purification.

If you have any questions related to installing a water treatment & filtration system in your home, look no further than the reliable plumbers at Art Plumbing, AC & Electric. Our company has been trusted in Florida for reliable service since 1983!