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The Dangers Of Installing Your Own HVAC Wiring

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South Florida is known for its hot and humid climate. It’s the main reason that HVAC’s are installed in nearly every home and commercial property.  If the electrical wiring is installed correctly, your HVAC system will work properly. It should sense the temperature in the room or building, and perform the appropriate action to maintain the temperature at the desired level. HVAC wiring is complex. Your air conditioner is an electrical appliance that requires specialized electrical wiring. There are many dangers if the wiring is not installed by licensed and experienced electrical technicians.

What Is HVAC?

HVAC is the abbreviated term for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Its main function is to take fresh outdoor air and use it to provide good quality air indoors. However, the HVAC is also instrumental in removing moisture, smoke, odors, heat, dust, and bacteria from the air.

There are different types of HVACS. A professional electrical technician will be able to advise you on the best fit for your requirements while meeting your expectations and budget.

All HVAC systems are large electrical appliances. This means it’s definitely not an area for the “Do It Yourself” enthusiast to show off their skills. HVAC wiring and installation must be done by a professional electrical technician who is familiar with electrical circuits and the necessary local and state electrical codes.

The Dangers Of “Do It Yourself” HVAC Wiring

If you think that you will be saving money by installing an HVAC unit yourself, think again. Here are some very good reasons for hiring a qualified electrical technician to install HVAC wiring:

  • An HVAC is a complicated electrical appliance, with many components that need to work in tandem. If the wiring is not installed correctly, not only will it not function as it should, but you could cause irreparable damage to the thermostat, electrical system, or air-conditioning unit.

  • Electrical wires not installed correctly could cause an electrical fire.

  • DIY electrical wiring can result in a person being electrocuted. An electrical shock can be minor or have fatal consequences.

  • The HVAC draws a lot of electricity and often requires a separate electrical circuit. You may not be aware of this and connect it to the main circuit, causing the circuit breaker to blow.

  • You may forfeit the HVAC manufacturer’s warranty if it is not installed by a licensed electrical technician.

  • There are local and state electrical codes that must be adhered to.

  • Your electrical bill may increase if the HVAC electrical wiring is not installed correctly. ​​​​​​

  • The “Do It Yourself” enthusiast may not have the knowledge and expertise to buy and install the correct unit for the area it is required to cool.

  • Professionals also have all the necessary specialized equipment and safety gear required to install HVAC units.

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